Best dive site in the Red Sea: Elphinstone

Elphinstone reef Red Sea Egypt Marsa Alam

Beneath the waters of the Egyptian Red Sea, not so far off the southern coast, lies possibly the best dive site in the Red Sea: Elphinstone. This magnificent dive site, located in the Marsa Alam region, has earned its reputation as one of Egypt’s premier dive destinations. With its dramatic underwater landscapes, vibrant marine life, […]

Why dive the Red Sea in Egypt?

After our big announcement, many of you will be asking “why dive in the Red Sea in Egypt?” Why is it so special? We’re here to tell you. When you think of Egypt, what usually comes to mind are the awe-inspiring pyramids, the enchanting Nile River, or the bustling streets of Cairo. While these iconic […]

New liveaboards diving destinations

Blue Horizon Liveaboard

We told you something big was coming. Well here it is…Master Liveaboards are very excited to announce 2 new liveaboards diving destinations for you to choose from 31st October 2023. Starting right now, we are taking over both the operations and sales of Blue Horizon and Blue Melody in the Egyptian Red Sea, as well […]