Diving in the Marquesas

Welcome to “The Land of Men,” the Marquesas Islands. The Marquesas are located 932 miles (1,500 km) northeast of French Polynesia. Few divers have had the privilege of venturing onto these islands at the end of the world.
Each of its 12 island is an endless source of discovery and is a prime site for underwater exploration and endemic wildlife. The incredible amount of fish nestled in the wall cavities and the pelagics present is an exceptional experience for every diver and an aesthetic treat for photographers. It is said that its marine life is comparable to Wolf and Darwin in the Galapagos!

The number of species is quite exceptional. The currents around the islands transport plankton that feed and attract large animals and the Marquesans do not fish very much, leaving the fauna in a very good ecological state. The visibility can reach twenty meters in the best conditions.

The scenery of the dives in the Marquesas is made of scree and cavities, high depths and pinnacles and brings together, at the level of fauna and sea conditions, the big and the macro. An underwater rock pinnacle scenery is home to melon-headed whales  but also to many white tip sharks, silvertips, grays and sometimes hammerheads. The grounds of the Marquesas Islands are home to several species of rays: manta rays, leopard rays, stingrays and marbled rays. Large boulders are the home of a fauna with many endemic species – such as the dragon moray eel. If you like octopus, meet guarantees to all dives … And if you are into the big stuff, Marquesas is just for you! In terms of sharks; the star is the scalloped hammerhead shark that comes here to be cleaned. Mantas can be found while diving and on the surface while they feed. The cetacean enthusiast will be delighted; no less than five species of dolphins can be admired playing at the bow of the boat or underwater.

Dive the Marquesas Islands by liveaboard and experience it firsthand!

Contact us today and be one of those privileged divers.


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