Diving The Marquesas Islands Vs. Diving The Galapagos (Infographic)

Differences and similarities between diving the Marquesas Islands and diving the Galapagos.

Sharing the same ocean, but on opposite sides, makes Marquesas Islands and the Galapagos Islands two similar but at the same time very unique diving locations!


As we mentioned on our previous post about diving in the Marquesas Islands, the marine life here is often compared with the Galapagos! Indeed, both destinations share the same volcanic underwater geology with an exceptional pelagic presence:

  • Scalloped hammerhead sharks
  • Mantas rays, eagle rays and marbled rays
  • Dolphins
  • Huge schools of barracudas, jacks and snappers.


Due to their remote locations and different water temperatures, both dive destinations are home to a unique underwater ecosystem, each with their own endemic species. The Galapagos brings us some of the most incredible marine life; such as marine iguanas, sea lions or red lipped batfish! Meanwhile, the Marquesas Islands are the favourite place for melon headed whales to feed, socialise and reproduce and it is home to a very special moray eel: Dragon morays. This unmistakable eel is endemic to the Marquesas Islands and its psychedelic patterns and distinctive hornlike nostrils are very popular with underwater photographers.

If you would like to dive an incredible destination but do not really feel comfortable in cold waters, then why not choose the Marquesas Islands as your next liveaboard destination? We offer you 10 night liveaboard dive trips to the Marquesas Islands. A truly unique trip with exclusivity guaranteed. Contact us for further information!


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