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Selected dates in September 2021

Master the Galapagos 7 night itinerary

Our Galapagos liveaboard

Galapagos Master is set to be the most eco-friendly dive liveaboard cruising the Galapagos Islands. She has 8 well-appointed modern cabins, a spacious interior and generous outside space for relaxation and dive gear preparation.

Manta rays
World's most unique diving
Manta Rays
Manta Ray sightings
Year round Pelagic encounters
Schooling Hammerheads

Experienced divers often regard the Galapagos Islands as something of a highlight in their diving career. Huge schools of Giant Hammerheads, indigenous Galapagos Sharks, Mantas, Sea Lions and Dolphins are just a few of the highlights that are often encountered during a liveaboard diving trip.

From HammerHeads to Whalesharks...

The Galapagos is one of those rare places where you can dive through hundreds of hammerhead sharks to find a whale shark cruising along. Toss in silky sharks, sea turtles, giant morays and schooling fish in their thousands… And that’s just the first dive!

Our experienced crew of 12 is waiting to welcome you aboard and show you the best of the Galapagos, both underwater and on land.

These two reduced dates offer you with an amazing opportunity to get on board Galapagos Master and dive the Galapagos Islands for a fraction of the normal price. Don't miss out!