Five Reasons To Use An Underwater Scooter On Your Next Wreck Dive

Underwater scooters, or Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) as they are known to most, introduce an extra element of excitement and fun into your wreck dives.

“Scooters are essential when exploring the bigger wrecks of Truk Lagoon on rebreathers, especially the deeper ones” says Aron Arngrímsson, our Truk Master Cruise Director.

On board the Truk Master we have four DPVs (Dive Xtras Piranha P1) available for hire for one day or for the whole liveaboard dive trip in Truk Lagoon or Bikini Atoll!

Here are the reasons why you should use them on your next trip!

Longer dives

Letting the underwater scooter drift you inside a wreck will allow you to save energy with means less air consumption, hence extended dive times.
They make long dives more comfortable and help to conserve gas during the dive.
The lack of physical strain on the diver often means extended dive times as well, for example when crossing a large reef.

Dive with more ease

Underwater scooters are very comfortable to use. You will dive with greater ease and will not feel exhausted from the physical work of regular diving. Wrecks are suddenly more manageable on a single dive! For tech divers, they make dragging a number of stage bottles less awkward.

Explore more

Underwater scooters take you past your range of swimming strength and allow you to explore a larger area underwater and get the most out of every wreck dive!

Easier to fight against the current

Dives that may feature a risk of strong currents are made much safer.

You will look really awesome!

You will feel and look like James Bond behind one of our DPVs!

Make sure to book a DPV on your next liveaboard dive trip with us!



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