Red Sea July Dive Report: All Kind of Sharks!

Great live aboard dive trip in the Red Sea.

Top 5 dives of this month trips

Small Brother

School of hammerhead sharks in the Red Sea


• Reef Dive
• Current: Medium
• tuna, barracuda, grey reef shark, oceanic white tip, whale shark, thresher sharks, turtles , hammerhead sharks, white tip sharks, tuna spawning

Big Brother:

White tip oceanic shark in the Red Sea• Reef Dive
• Current: Medium
• tuna, barracuda, grey reef shark, hammerhead shark, thresher shark, oceanic sharks, tuna hunting, mackerel fish, Napoleon wrasse


Thresher shark• wreck
• Current: Small
• Thresher sharks, oceanic sharks


Turtle in the Red Sea

• Reef dive
• Current: Medium
• Manta ray, oceanic sharks, barracudas, turtles, giant trevallies, Napoleon wrasse, trevallies, silky sharks, school of 11 hammerhead sharks!

Marsa Shouna

Barracuda in the Red Sea• Reef dive
• Current: Small
• Porcupine pufferfish, giant barracuda, batfish, pipefish, goat fish, lion fish,

Customers Feedback

• “How on earth they can produce such amazing food from that tiny kitchen is a mystery. Just gorgeous going home fatter than when I arrived which usually doesn’t happen.” Helen Hucke
• “Fantastic vessel well run and made easy for all divers, good support from the dive deck crew extremely helpful and supportive guys. The Red Sea Master has been home for the last 7 days and I’ve loved every minute of my experience . All in all this has been a very enjoyable life experience, I will definitely do a livaboard holiday again, great experience, great staff, great boat, great food , loved it !!” Gareth Wigley
• “Love your liveaboards, it’s always easy and fun. Thank you” Rachel Steel

Thank you for this great trip!


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