Secrets of the Second World War


Secrets of the second world war - Truk Lagoon

Very little is known about the Operation Hailstone in Truk Lagoon during WWII. Here are some secrets that very few people know.

#1 Successful military strategies

Wars are the sums of military strategies that, depending on success, drives the final result to one side or the other. For instance, during Operation Hailstone in Truk Lagoon, the first series of attacks aimed to sink all the Japanese ships in Truk with bombs and torpedoes, whilst the second attacks aimed to destroy all the fuel tanks and ammunitions. These were planned on the second day and not one the first day because if they were destroyed on the first day then the smoke would have made targeting the ships from the air more difficult! This strategy was so successful that the American attacks only lasted 2 days instead of the planned 3 days since after 2 days, all the objectives in Truk were accomplished.

#2 Technology advantages

Most historians claim the surprise factor was undoubtedly a great help in destroying the Japanese military base, as it was in Pearl Harbor. However, many others claim that the technology used during the war was also very helpful to the Americans against Japan. Indeed the radar, an European invention that the Japanese didn’t have, was a great advantage for the Americans during Operation Hailstone.

#3 Japanese crisis

Such was the disaster after the American attack that there was a crisis in the Japanese government and many of its members were starting to think that the best solution was to negotiate the peace in the most honorable possible way, since defeat was already evident for many of them. Something very unusual at that time in the Sun Empire.

Would you like to learn much more about this incredible attack of which so little it is widely known? Then come on board the Truk Master and dive the sunken ships left after the American attack. Contact us today!

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