A Long-awaited Adventure

Date: 14 Feb 2016 By: Susie Erbe When you dive the Galapagos it’s great, when you’re on the right boat with a great crew its brilliant but when you add in a fun group of friends you’ve got the most amazing experience ever! That about sums up our recent 10 night dive trip aboard the Galapagos […]

Diving the Galapagos: all a diver could ask for!

Date: 16 – 23 Nov 2015 By: Mark Nadeau The Galapagos Master welcomed aboard a group of German divers for a week of unforgettable diving. After greeting everyone with a drink and making sure everyone was comfortably settled into their cabins, Cruise Director Juan Carlos (JC) briefed the guests on what to expect from their […]

The Galapagos Master maiden trip!

Date: 18 May – 28 May 2015 By: Mark Shandur                ©Marcel Wilpernig   Located at the junction of three ocean currents, the Galapagos are a spectacular melting pot of marine species. Our excitement could not be contained as we made our way to the Galapagos Master. She has just […]