The Top Six Best Dive Sites Of Solomon Islands

Remote and truly beautiful, Solomon Islands is a diver’s dream destination. Part of the Coral Triangle with a staggering diversity of marine species, coral and dive sites, it somehow remains one of the least dived areas of the world. The Solomons are often called ‘the South Pacific best kept secret’. The country is relatively new to tourism which is why their reefs are pristine and there are almost no other divers on the dive sites. The Solomons are renowned for hosting some the best dive sites in the world due to their incredible biodiversity. The sheer number of species of hard and soft corals as well as in underwater creatures rivals the best in Asia, such as Raja Ampat. You have a good chance to encounter anything from wrecks to macro, from pristine corals to walls, from pygmy seahorses to sharks. Choosing the best of our favourite dive sites in Solomon Islands is tough as there are so many incredible ones, but below is our Top six:

Diving Leru Cut.

1> Leru Cut
Leru Cut is rightfully one of the signature dive sites of the Solomons. This canyon juts almost 100m into Leru Island. Above the water line, the walls of the canyon rise high above – making this one of our more dramatic dives. As the sun dapples through the jungle, shadows and light beams bounce around the chasm creating amazing photography opportunities. Follow the canyon with a sandy bottom and corals on the cliff walls into the island, after which it opens up in the jungle where you can surface at the end of the cut and listen to the birds. Outside of the cut is a fabulous wall teeming with fish life.

Diving Twin Tunnels

2> Twin Tunnels
One of the best reef dives to be found anywhere in the world, These 2 big lava tubes tunnels of 120m in diameter are covered with fans and whip corals and surrounded by fish of every hue and schools of fusiliers. Explore the inside of the tubes down to where they join and open up on the side of a reef wall at about 36m where you are met by a myriad of baitfish, which attract the large pelagic feeders – kingfish, tuna and shark. On the walls, look for the 9 different species of anemone fish, pygmy seahorses, cuttlefish, octopus, moray eels, just to mention a few. After watching this amazing spectacle, you return to the top of the reef, where a kaleidoscope of coral and reef fish, huge anemones, and more colour than you can imagine awaits.

Three mantas at Devil's Highway in Solomon Islands

3>Devil’s Highway
Devils Highway is well-known for its population of resident manta rays. Washed by racing, nutrition-rich currents, these wonderful creatures perform their magical feeding dance over a shallow reef. The odds are favourable to spot other pelagics here too, such as sharks. Just hook into the reef and watch the action! The topography on this site will also tickle your senses. The channel is quite unique, as it is comprised of hard rock versus a silt bottom, which makes for amazing visibility.

Jacks at Mary Island in Solomon Island

4> Mary Island
This island is notable for an underwater point that commonly hosts schools of barracuda, jacks, trevally and sharks. Bumphead parrotfish are also usual suspects on this dive site. To create yet another level of excitement to the diving, there is an underwater volcano nearby that gives off the occasional rumble! If you like big stuff, you are going to love it!

Diver diving Mirror Pond.

5> Mirror Pond
The dive site consists of shallow caverns and canyons interconnecting among beautiful coral gardens. Swim under a cut in the reef to surface inside a pond, look up through the crystal clear water and admire the lush green jungle above. Continue your dive through the canyons before ending the dive at a pinnacle covered with corals and anthias as well as a huge school of resident black snappers. This is a very scenic dive site with great wide angle opportunities as well as macro: pygmy seahorses.

Blenny at White Beach dive site in the Solomon Islands.

6> White Beach
This location was home to a major American supply base during WWII, with the code name “White Beach” even though the island is edged by mangroves. At the end of the war when the troops departed, an artificial reef was created when they disposed of all remnants by chucking everything into the sea: trucks, jeeps, tractors, bulldozers and large amounts of ammunition. Great dive site for wreck and macro lovers! Plenty of mandarin fish, harlequin shrimp, nudibranch, jawfish, pipefish, millions of juvenile fish as well as the fascinating archer fish!

Explore the Solomons before everyone else! Contact us today for a once in a lifetime liveaboard dive trip!


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