Three Best Areas For Scuba Diving In The Tuamotu Archipelago

The relatively undiscovered Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia is the jewel in this Pacific islands’ crown. Comprised entirely of coral atolls surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean, you will feel isolated from the rest of the world. Far from the iconic Bora Bora, the Tuamotu Archipelago has escaped large-scale hotel development and offers a different experience, especially for us, scuba divers. The pristine waters, the healthy coral gardens, the diverse marine life and the wide variety of sharks, make the Tuamotu Archipelago one of the best diving destinations in the world. It was in fact, Jacques Cousteau’s favourite place to dive in French Polynesia.

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Here are the 3 best areas to dive in the Tuamotus.

1. Fakarava

Wall of sharks in Fakarava

Classified by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, it’s like visiting an underwater safari park. With its amazing drift dive, fabulous array of fish life and walls of hundreds of sharks!

Favourite dive sites:

  • Garuae Pass: Walls of reef shark, gray sharks and hammerhead sharks. The shark density is so great that divers can ignore the numerous schools of barracudas, trevallies and tunas. Mantas are also seen, these are never ignored, though! 😉
  • Tumakohua Pass: This is one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Pacific. The concentration of reef and gray shark here is also breathtaking!

2. Rangiroa

A dolphin while diving in Fakarava

No two dives are ever the same in Rangiroa! Each dive varies depending on the tides, the seasons and the lunar cycle. Famous for its pass dives, all the water squeezing through the passes, especially when the tide changes attracts thousands of fish of all sizes, and all of these fish attract bigger fish that want to eat them, hence the huge amount of sharks! You will see walls of sharks, such as silvertip, blacktip and white tip sharks as well as hammerheads. Also famous for its beautiful lagoon, which is one of the richest spots in number of native marine species, such as tunas, barracudas, turtles, manta rays, and friendly dolphins.

Favourite dive sites:

  • Avatoru Pass: Expect silvertip, black tip sharks, leopard sharks, massive schools of big eye trevallies, jacks, barracudas, dolphins, mantas, eagle rays, turtles, and a long list of many other species!
  • Tiputa Pass: Sharks, sharks and more sharks everywhere! As well as surgeon fish, Napoleons, manta rays, leopard rays, eagle rays, dophins, turtles, tunas, groupers! We guarantee you, you won’t be bored here! Hammerhead sharks can be seen from December to March, while whales tend to visit the area from August to October! It’s an amazing show that you shouldn’t miss!

3. Tikehau

A manta in Tikehau - French Polynesia

Tikehau, the pink sand island, was declared by Jacques Cousteau as the atoll with the greatest abundance of schools of fish (both the schools and the fish) of all the Tuamotu. The island’s unique pass is where many large and small pelagic species congregate and some unique experience are awaiting you during any drift dive.

Favourite dive sites:

  • Old Pearl Farm: Mantas everywhere in cleaning stations and coral gardens. Just beautiful!
  • Tuheiava: This pass offers daily ballet of manta rays, barracudas, grey sharks and dolphins.
  • Shark’s Hole: A wall of grey sharks welcomes you from the beginning of the dive. Throughout the maze of caves and crevices, expect a carpet of red soldier fish. Absolutely breath taking!


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