Traditions & customs of Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon is quite an extraordinary place with both interesting and remarkable customs & traditions:

Budget – Share
The Chuukese have a custom called “budget” like the English word. If someone has too much of something – lets’s say two mangoes, for example – and someone else, usually a family member, walks up to that person and says, “budget”, that person is obligated by custom to share and give him one of the mangoes.

Devil Mask

The story of the Devil Mask originates from a long time ago. Allegedly, on the island of Tol lived a legendary ghost that kept stealing food from starving people. As a result, the people decided to carve a devil mask to scare the ghost away. Later on, it became a more organised effort to the extent that all the people came together and wore the mask. When the ghost came to their village to steal food, it saw devils surrounding the area. The ghost got scared, ran away, and never came back.

Chuuk dress
The Chuuk dress is a locally famous fashion dress among Micronesian women for its colorful and intricate patterns. It is a loose-fitting one piece skirt and one that many visitors find attractive as well. It comes in various colors and characteristic designs that bring out the true FSM Island style fashion and lifestyle.


Traditionally, young men would own personalized wooden love-sticks on which they would carve two of the same design. A short one would be carved to be utilized for his hair, the long one would be for the woman. When a man likes a woman, he uses the long love-stick to poke into her hut or her hair. If the love-stick’s design is that of the man she likes, she will pull the love-stick signaling for him to come in. If the woman pushes the love-stick out, it means she is not interested in the man.

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