Truk Lagoon, or Chuuk Lagoon as the Chuukese call it, is widely known as the Wreck Diving Capital of the World. Indeed, with more than 60 shipwrecks frozen in time, these atolls have become not only an underwater museum, but also a huge artificial reef full of life, including sharks!

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It’s not well known that Truk Lagoon offers some of the most incredible shark diving in the world, with many people using the words ‘shark- infested waters!White and black tips, gray reef and nurse sharks patrol the different wrecks and reefs! The Nippo Maru and the Fujikawa Maru are 2 of the wrecks where you will be more likely to see sharks.

And then there is Shark Reef, situated in Shark Island. Being a cleaning station, the reef attracts a large quantity of sharks waiting for their turn to be cleaned by the boomies, where the tiny cleaner wrasse are waiting to clean them. Many scuba divers refer to this dive site as the most thrilling dive of their life due to the huge quantity of sharks surrounding them just few meters away.

Experience the lesser known side of Truk by yourself with this exciting shark dive aboard the new Truk Master in 2016! Contact us to book your trip today!

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