The Master Liveaboards Fleet

Venture to the Pacific Ocean to the maritime museums of Truk Lagoon & Bikini Atoll, the unique archipelagos of Palau or the untouched Solomon Islands. Experience marine biodiversity at its finest in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, or take on the trip of a lifetime to the Americas; choose from the idyllic Bahamas or the iconic Galapagos Islands. Our very own liveaboard dive vessels sail to all these world class destinations. 

Solomons Master
Prices from US$ 3,200 »
Pacific Master
Prices from US$ 3,440 »
The Phinisi
Prices from US$ 1,000 »
The Junk
Prices from US$ 400 »
Truk Master
Prices from US$ 3,200 »
Palau Siren
Prices from US$ 2,760 »
Philippine Siren
Prices from US$ 2,220 »
Indo Siren
Prices from US$ 2,450 »
Solomons PNG Master
Prices from US$ 3,440 »
Master Liveaboards

Our Destinations

Master Liveaboards was founded to bring divers to the best dive locations and provide an unsurpassed liveaboard diving experience. Dive the Galapagos, Truk Lagoon, Bikini Atoll, the Solomon Islands, Thailand & Mynamar, the Philippines, Palau or the Bahamas with more superb diving destinations to follow.

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