Liveaboard diving in Indonesia

US$ 415

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Average yearly temperatures


27°C | 81°F
29°C | 84°F

Abundant Marinelife

Rich marine life

Pristine Corals

Thriving reefs and corals

Great Visibility

Something for every diver

Manta Rays

Black Manta

Stunning Topography

Stunning natural topography

Indonesia liveaboard diving

A liveaboard trip in Indonesia is not just a vacation; it’s an immersive experience that plunges you deep into the world’s most bio-diverse marine environments. From the spectacular creatures that you encounter to the topographies that will leave you awe-struck, liveaboard diving in Indonesia is an adventure that entices divers from all corners of the globe.

Stretching across more than 17,500 islands nestled in the Coral Triangle, Indonesia undoubtedly claims one of the world’s most expansive underwater realms. The sheer size of this archipelago makes it one of the ultimate diving destinations on the planet. When you opt for scuba diving in Indonesia, you are signing up for a smorgasbord of dive experiences that range from tranquil to adrenaline-pumping. 

The country boasts the highest marine biodiversity worldwide, serving as home to 15% of the world’s coral reefs. Moreover, over 4,000 different species of fish and invertebrates, many of which are endemic to the region, thrive here. Scientists speculate that numerous species are yet to be identified, which adds an element of discovery to your diving. Swimming alongside manta rays and diverse shark species like white tip reef, grey reef, and endemic walking sharks is part of the allure.

The muck diving is equally compelling, with sites filled with intricate macro-life including rare critters and a variety of fish. Simply put, an Indonesia liveaboard promises an unforgettable, all-encompassing dive experience that you’ll cherish forever.

The advantages of choosing a liveaboard trip over land-based operations are numerous. Liveaboards provide the convenience of diving multiple locations in a single trip. Indo Master has dive guides who possess deep knowledge of the local waters, ensuring you visit only the best spots at the optimal times. Not to mention, the onboard amenities include comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine, and equipment rentals, adding comfort and convenience to your adventurous dive journey.

In summary, scuba diving in Indonesia via a liveaboard is an unparalleled experience, bringing divers face-to-face with a cornucopia of marine life and stunning underwater topographies. From well-known to less-visited diving locations, a liveaboard in Indonesia caters to all types of divers and fulfils even the wildest of underwater fantasies. Whether you’re a seasoned liveaboard diver or someone looking for a new diving experience, an Indonesia liveaboard is a journey that will surpass all expectations.

Indonesia is home to 15% of the World's coral reefs and has over 4,000 recorded different fish & invertebrate species - with many more yet to be identified. Diving in Indonesia is so varied and there is plenty to appeal to even the most seasoned diver, from muck diving and the fast paced currents around Komodo to the soft corals and colourful fish dives in Raja Ampat, or discover new sites in off shore islands of the Banda sea.

Where to dive in Indonesia

We’ve got 9 itineraries to help you fully experience the best liveaboard diving in Indonesia.

In the heart of the Indonesian archipelago, Komodo National Park beckons as a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with underwater wonders. Diving here introduces you to everything from exhilarating drifts and awe-inspiring seamounts to possible encounters with the elusive dugongs and, of course, the iconic Komodo Dragon. The waters are teeming with life – mantas, sharks and turtles are just the start. Diving itineraries are 7 to 10 nights, and although you can dive year-round, the prime time is between May and October during the Southeast Monsoon.

Indo Master liveaboard trips to Komodo depart from Labuan Bajo, an hour’s flight from Bali or Jakarta. The excursions not only explore Komodo but also venture to dive sites around Sangeang Volcano and Sumbawa Island. 

Another jewel for divers is Raja Ampat, a secluded archipelago that stands as a testament to marine biodiversity. Opting for an Indonesia liveaboard experience here is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, especially for avid marine enthusiasts. Dive sites like Cape Kri and Citrus Ridge expose you to a remarkable 75% of the world’s coral species, not to mention the diverse range of fish, mantas, and sharks. Raja Ampat itineraries are also 7 and 10 nights, with optimal diving conditions from October to April.

Trips set sail from Sorong, accessible via domestic flights from various Indonesian cities. With over 1,500 islands, Raja Ampat presents a nearly endless array of diving possibilities. 

Our Indonesia liveaboard doesn’t limit you to just the well-known areas; Indo Master also offers the chance to explore untapped territories like the Banda Sea, Halmahera, the Spice Islands, and Triton Bay. These remote locations are the epitome of underwater adventure, teeming with unique marine ecosystems and species rarely encountered elsewhere.

Banda Sea
US$ 5,670
The Alor Archipelago
US$ 4,900
The Spice Islands
US$ 5,870
Raja Ampat, Halmahera & Lembeh
US$ 6,540
Komodo National Park 10 nights
US$ 4,900
Komodo National Park 7 nights
US$ 3,430
Triton Bay & Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat 10 nights
US$ 5,430
Raja Ampat 7 nights
US$ 3,738

Our liveaboard in Indonesia

Indo Master welcomes up to 18 guests in 9 spacious cabins, ensuring that there is ample space to relax. This boat will take you on an unforgettable journey around the joyous waters of Indonesia.

Dive Indonesia aboard our award winning liveaboard and experience diving some of the world’s top rated dive sites in comfort and ease.

What to see in Indonesia

During a liveaboard trip in Indonesia, scuba divers are treated to an underwater spectacle unlike any other. The rich biodiversity is immediately evident as you descend into the warm, clear waters. Vivid coral reefs stretch out like underwater gardens, housing an array of marine life that ranges from the minuscule to the monumental. 

Tiny critters such as nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses and porcelain crabs often captivate macro photographers. Muck diving offers even more opportunities to observe rare and unusual creatures like the mimic octopus and the flamboyant cuttlefish. 

For those more interested in pelagic action, it’s common to spot many kinds of sharks, manta rays gracefully gliding, and even the elusive Mola Mola or sunfish. Indonesia’s underwater world includes an impressive variety of reef sharks including white tip and grey reef sharks. Sea turtles often make an appearance, lazily swimming by or munching on coral.

Visibility often extends up to 30 metres, allowing for a panoramic view of the underwater vistas. Soft and hard corals, sponges and anemones provide a colourful backdrop to this bustling marine community. All of this comes together to make scuba diving during a liveaboard trip in Indonesia a truly memorable experience.

Customer Reviews

Have a look at what our customers have said about our liveaboard in Indonesia.

Marika (Alisa) Garcia
Marika (Alisa) Garcia
Indonesia, Sep 2023, Alor Archipelago
Read More
The ✨ extra ✨ things on this trip I really enjoyed/appreciated: flowing fizzy water, bathrobe, delicious homemade peanut butter, loose-leaf tea station, having so much space on the boat, and a really nice yoga session taught by Alexa... all of that to say, I REALLY enjoyed the trip, so much so that I booked the next trip! Thank you to all the crew for a fantastic time
Trevor Hunter
Trevor Hunter
Indonesia, Aug 2023, Komodo
Read More
The very best liveaboards I have experienced in 25 years of diving .. nothing is too much trouble.. everything is individualised to meet the needs of the client .. smooth professional operation that copes with any and every contingency.. you guys set the benchmark in my humble opinion!!!
Elle McLaughlin
Elle McLaughlin
Indonesia, Aug 2023, Komodo
Read More
I truly enjoyed my experience with Master Liveaboards. Alexa is so through and patient with guest it is inspirational. The level of expertise of Ghee, Marif and Alexa is exceptional and the eye of spotting sea life is brilliant. I truly enjoyed getting to know and experience diving with the guides. I cannot say enough good things about Alexa, she works very hard and uses all her energy for the guest to maximize their enjoyment. Regardless of the detours needed we never missed a beat on the trip and that alone is enough to applaud the crew for their endurance for change and shifting things around to accommodate all and make everyones experience as maximized as possible. Knowing the dive professional world and watching them all handle each situation with care and attention was overwhelming positive. I cannot say enough good things about my trip to Komodo, thank you thank yoo
Kimberly Giardino
Kimberly Giardino
Indonesia, Jul 2023, Komodo
Read More
We had a fantastic trip. Thank you! Some of the things that stood out to me: The safety protocols and briefings were excellent. Best of any liveaboard I’ve been on...Our cabin was nice and we had everything we needed...Dive guides were amazing! Garth and Ghee were above par and truly excellent. Meals. As someone with an allergy I was super impressed by how my circumstance was addressed right away by Alexa. And in addition the chef was able to make so many things accessible to me! ...I love the “welcome back” after every dive. Made my heart soar...Last note to Alexa and Garth who really went above and beyond to make it a great experience as cruise directors. Thank you.
Jonathon Field
Jonathon Field
Indonesia, Jul 2023, Komodo
Read More
Fantastic trip. Excellent trip leader. Fabulous crew. A real sense of joy, fun and professionalism on the boat. Great job on choosing dive sites for currents etc and no other dive boats where possible. Liked the safety aspect. Have a real sense from the first minute that this was a professional crew who knew what they were doing. Great variety of dives. Excellent cabin and dive deck. Loved the space and how the boat is set up for divers. We will try and be back.

Do you have questions about Indonesia?​

Whilst we have much information on our website you may find you have additional questions about our Indonesia liveaboard, diving in Indonesia or general location information. Via the following link you can find answers to some commonly asked questions. Should you have other questions or queries, please contact our reservations team who will be pleased to assist you.

What is the best time to go diving in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a tropical country with a climate that is fairly even all year round. Influenced by the East and West Monsoons, there are two distinct seasons, ‘wet’ and ‘dry’, which differ depending on which part of the country you are in. The easiest rule to follow is that diving is best when it’s drier. 

For Komodo and the Banda Sea, May through October is the best time for diving. For Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and North Moluccas, the opposite is true, so November through as late as May. The transitional period between the two seasons alternates between gorgeous sun-filled days and occasional thunderstorms.

Can you provide me with any recommendations for flights?

The two main international airports for travellers arriving in Indonesia are:

Jakarta – Soekarno–Hatta International Airport  (CGK)

Bali, Denpasar – Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)

Additional domestic flights are required to and from the embarkation and disembarkation points for all Indo Master liveaboard trips. For most itineraries there are domestic flight options from both Jakarta and Bali, although some are not direct routes. For further advice on suggested routes, please refer to the itinerary specific information which can be found under the Indonesia – Itinerary info sheets section of the downloads page.

Our ‘How to get to Indonesia’ blog also provides a lot of helpful information about Indonesia as a country, international flight routes and the best point of entry for domestic connections.

PLEASE NOTE: Flight cancellations and schedule changes are a common occurrence in Indonesia. We strongly recommend that you arrive at least one day before the start of your liveaboard and depart at least one day after.

Should domestic flights that you or your agent have booked be delayed or cancelled, our ground handler can offer assistance although an administration fee will be charged for the service.

In accordance with our Terms & Conditions all guests are required to have adequate travel insurance. We strongly advise you ensure that your policy will cover all costs that may be incurred in the event of flight changes.

Master Liveaboards is able to provide assistance with booking domestic flights, hotels and transfers within Indonesia. Should you wish us to do so, please contact our reservations team at

Are there land excursions?

On all Indo Master liveaboard itineraries we usually offer at least 1 included land visit and, where possible, 2 may be offered depending on the itinerary, logistics, weather and sea conditions.

The place(s) visited may differ from one trip to the next although there are some that are always included, e.g. Penemu Viewpoint in Raja Ampat and, on Komodo itineraries, we go ashore to see the Komodo Dragons. Others may be a village visit, sunset and drinks on the beach, a waterfall, caves or other areas of interest, some of which may incur additional charges.

Please refer to your chosen itinerary’s information document on the downloads page for details of the land visits that may be included on your trip. Some visits may involve walking or climbing over or through uneven terrain so it is recommended to bring trainers (sneakers) or comfortable walking shoes with you.

What dive certification do I need?

Much of the liveaboard diving in Indonesia is generally not suitable for newly certified or inexperienced divers due to strong currents throughout the region and the exposed nature and depths of some sites on certain itineraries.

We recommend a minimum PADI Advanced Open Water certification for all our trips with at least 50 open water dives on all itineraries.

Safety Note: Any guests who do not fulfil the recommended minimum requirements for the itinerary they are joining, or who the crew feel have insufficient experience in certain conditions, may be denied participation in some or all dives during the liveaboard.

What will the food be like?

We offer a choice of International and locally inspired cuisine on your liveaboard in Indonesia and can cater to special dietary requirements with advance notice. Should you have any specific dietary needs or allergies, please advise your sales consultant at the time of confirming your liveaboard trip to ensure we are able to make provisions for your needs.

Meals are provided on a full board basis including a light breakfast, full breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee, fruit juices and soft drinks. Local lager (beer), wine and spirits from our cocktail bar are available for an additional fee. 

Please note: It can be very difficult to find some products that are common elsewhere. While we always do our best to accommodate dietary requests, please consider bringing some of your own foods if the lack thereof may constitute a health risk or seriously compromise your enjoyment of your holiday.

What are the Passports and visa requirements?

Passport validity

Your passport must have at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival into Indonesia.

Visa Information

A visitor visa is required for all travellers entering Indonesia for the purpose of tourism. Indonesia offers a visa on arrival (VOA) service for many nationalities which allows visitors to stay in the country for up to 30 days (Visa Type B213) and costs 500,000 IDR (approx. 35 USD).

A list of nationalities eligible for visa on arrival and other information can be found here:

We strongly recommend applying for an e-VOA before travelling via the Indonesian Government’s Official e-Visa Website. Applications can be submitted via the portal 14 days before your planned date of arrival; however, we advise doing so no less than 48 hours before travelling. If you do not obtain an e-VoA before you arrive in Indonesia, you can purchase a Visa on Arrival at the VoA counter in the airport arrivals hall.

If you are not eligible for a Visa on Arrival, or are planning to remain in Indonesia for longer than 30 days but no more than 60 days, you should apply for a Tourism Single entry Visitor Visa (Type 211A) either on-line through the Indonesian Government’s Official website or the Indonesian Consulate or Embassy in your home country before you travel.

As visa and passport regulations and requirements differ per country, and can change at short notice, we advise checking your home country’s government travel advisories (e.g. US, UK, AU, etc.) or your nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate for any updates or changes to visa procedures.

Proof of onward travel

Immigration officials in Indonesia may ask for proof of onward travel (e.g. a return or onward air ticket). Some airlines have refused to board passengers without evidence of onward travel.

Do I have to make any Customs declarations?

All travellers to Indonesia are required to complete an electronic customs declaration which must be presented to customs officials after collecting their luggage. There is no charge for the e-CD which can be completed on-line no more than 3 days before arrival via the official government website  (, or at the airport; pre-registration is highly recommended to save time. Once the electronic declaration form has been completed you will receive a QR code which must be shown to customs officers at your arrival airport. Paper customs declaration forms are no longer available.

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