Liveaboard diving in
Bikini Atoll

US$ 655

per person per night

Bikini Atoll

Average yearly temperatures


28°C | 82°F
27°C | 81°F

Bikini Atoll liveaboard highlights

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Bikini Atoll is one of the most famous places in the world for wreck diving; It is a true wreck diver’s bucket-list destination.  If you are a serious wreck diver, liveaboard diving in Bikini Atoll will give you the opportunity to explore the world renowned nuclear ghost fleet in comfort.

Tropical Weather
28°C air temperature all year
Pristine Corals
Thriving reefs and corals
Technical Diving
Technical diving destination
Wreck Diving
Wreck diver's paradise
Great Visibility
Crystal clear water - 40-60m visibility

Bikini Atoll is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, which covers nearly 1 million square miles of idyllic emerald-green coral atolls, surrounded by the crystal-blue waters of the Pacific. A one of a kind diving paradise featuring not only beautiful reefs, corals and wonderful marine life; Above all, it is the final resting place for some of the most significant warships in history.

Bikini Lagoon is the first UNESCO World Heritage site for the Marshall Islands archipelago and is undisputedly ranked first on any serious wreck diver’s bucket-list. This is well justified; nowhere else on earth will you be able to dive such a unique collection of historic battleships and cruisers, as well as the world famous USS Saratoga aircraft carrier with its 270 metre (888ft) flight deck.

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Nowhere else can you dive such a fantastic collection of wrecks, including battleships, submarines, destroyers, and most notably the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga.

Itineraries in Bikini Atoll

We’ve got 3 itineraries to get you really inspired about liveaboard diving in Bikini Atoll.

Bikini Atoll 10 nights
Prices from US$ 4,900
Bikini Atoll 11 nights
Prices from US$ 5,390
Bikini Atoll 13 nights
Prices from US$ 6,370

Our liveaboards in Bikini Atoll

Solomons Master (previously Truk Master) will operate trips in Bikini Atoll from late April 2023 until the end of September 2023 and will return to Bikini Atoll for an additional season from May – September 2024. With comfortable accommodation for up to 12 guests (on Bikini itineraries only), this steel hulled boat boasts eight double occupancy cabins with a choice of classic or premium cabins. Each cabin benefits from ensuite bathroom facilities and individually controlled air-conditioning.

From May 2023, Pacific Master will join Solomons Master in Bikini Atoll; Then, from September 2024 onwards she will take over sole duty on Bikini itineraries. She is a custom designed diving vessel with 12 air-conditioned cabins and can easily accommodate up to 16 guests on Bikini trips. 

Both vessels are set up with full tech diving facilities, including a deco-bar, in order to fulfil the requirements for diving in Bikini Atoll.

For more information on our vessel movements, check out our All Change In The Pacific page

Bikini Atoll: 2023 only

Due to extra space requirements for equipment, availability for Bikini Atoll itineraries on Truk / Solomons Master is limited to 12 divers only.

NEW in Bikini: from May 2023

Jump on board and experience complete isolation and tranquility. Maximum number of guests on Pacific Master for Bikini Atoll itineraries is limited to 16 divers.

What to see in Bikini Atoll

Already excited about diving Bikini Atoll? Here’s what you can hope to see underwater.

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what our customers have said about our liveaboard in the Bikini Atoll

Stephen Westwood
Stephen Westwood
Truk Master, Feb 2019
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I have had an amazing week and am grateful to all the crew for making such a great experience. I have learnt a huge amount and have loved it.
Having a blast!
Having a blast!
Truk Master, July 2019
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First a word about the diving. Diving the ghost fleet of bikini is simply awesome. Some of the best wreck diving in the world, where else in the world can one dive on an aircraft carrier, battleships, destroyers, and attack subs on one trip and also see tiger sharks on deco! The fish life and sharks are healthy and adds excitement on each dive. Now a word on the boat and crew, they were simply five stars.
One of the best ever destination for wreck diving
One of the best ever destination for wreck diving
Truk Master, Sept 2018
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Pluses Genuinely comfortable cabins with quiet engine Very well run dive operations with best in class protocols including great attention to gas mixes and pre dive checks. Very attentive crew Great dive sites. To be improved: Food could be more diverse even in this difficult environment for fresh supply Dive guide(s) and/or more intelligence about individual ships opportunities for penetrations? Better layout of the back upper deck with bin bags or other lounging chairs?
A wonderful experience
A wonderful experience
Truk Master, April 2018
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The service onboard Truk Master was excellent. I enjoyed every minute of my stay. My expectations regarding the wrecks were high to begin with, but the real experience was even better. Thanks to everyone on Truk Master I had a splendid vacation.
Such a warm welcome
Such a warm welcome
Truk Master, April 2018
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This was the dirty dozen trip, a full CCR exploration of Chuuk lagoons best wrecks. The boat has everything you want for tech diving, with a few wrinkles such as O2 percentages to be ironed out. This is more than made up for by the crew who counderstand not have been more helpfull deck crew are attentive and respectful of tech gear. The food is very American style, lots of fats and sugars and eating healthily requires more effort than it should but I am confident this will be resolved on future trips.

Do you have questions about Bikini Atoll?​

Whilst we have much information on our website you may find you have additional questions about our Bikini Atoll liveaboard, diving Bikini Atoll or general location information. Our Everything about Bikini Atoll blog provides many of the ‘why, what, who, where, when and how’ answers about scuba diving in Bikini Atoll and, from the FAQs link below you can also find answers to some commonly asked questions. Should you have other questions or queries, please contact our reservations team who will be pleased to assist you.

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