Some unusual facts about hammerhead sharks

Schooling Hammerheads

Sharks, in general, are just amazing, but the hammerhead is even more so. We have found some facts about hammerhead sharks that you might not have known. Why are hammerheads such a weird shape? Nature always has a reason for everything, whether we know it or not. But you have to admit, it’s a pretty […]

7 Nights in the Galapagos. A trip report.

Pennys Galapagos Blog

The most common itinerary for guests in these times of pandemic is 7 nights in Galapagos. But what is the trip really like for a customer? Many many moons ago, Penny Yim-Barbieri worked for a previous incarnation of Master Liveaboards. She enjoyed it so much, she continues to get aboard our vessels to this day […]

Where do hammerheads go when we’re not watching?

Where do hammerheads go?

A small swim for a hammerhead but a giant leap for marine research. For the first time ever, scientists have found out where hammerheads go. They have documented, in near real-time, details of the migration of a critically endangered pregnant scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini). The shark journeyed from the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador to […]

Marine iguanas in Galapagos

Galapagos Marine Iguanas fighting

It’s official: Marine iguanas have started nesting in the Galapagos! It’s an exciting time of year in the Galapagos Islands. Nesting season has officially started for the Marine Iguanas! The park authorities, Parque Nacional Galápagos announced on 19th March 2021 that nesting season had officially started. This means they have put clear zones in place […]

Galapagos August Dive Report

Large school of fishes in the Galapagos

August saw amazing diving in the Galapagos and we have compiled a report just to show you the extent of it! It was all about massive schools of hammerhead sharks, sea lions and mola molas! Our top 5 dives this month Mosquera Currents: StrongSightings: Eagle rays, mola molas, huge schools of 60 hammerhead sharks, blotched […]

An unexpected encounter in the Galapagos

mam and calf orca in the Galapagos

One of our guests had the surprise of his lifetime after an unexpected encounter in the Galapagos. Just check out his video: You can see orcas (or killer whales) too around the Galapagos Islands. Mainly around Isabela, Santa Cruz and Fernandina and at any time of the year. But the most likely time to spot […]

A long-awaited adventure in the Galapagos

Tender of Galapagos Master

When you dive the Galapagos it’s great! When you’re on the right boat with a great crew, it’s brilliant! This is a summary of our long-awaited adventure in the Galapagos! Add then in a fun group of friends and you’ve got the most amazing adventure ever! That about sums up our recent and long-awaited 10-night […]

Diving the Galapagos: all a diver could ask for!

Galapagos Master - Liveaboard Diving the Galapagos Islands

A trip that had all what a diver could ask for! Just another one of those trips on Galapagos Master had one of those trips – Date: 16 – 23 Nov 2015By: Mark Nadeau Welcome onboard diver! After greeting everyone with a drink and making sure everyone was comfortably settled into their cabins, Cruise Director […]

The Red Lipped Batfish of the Galapagos

Red Lipped Batfish by Daniel Norwood

When you think of batfish, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For us it’s the groups of cute, plate sized, fish that join us on safety stops. Though it nominally shares a name, the Red Lipped Batfish is a very different beast. The first thing you notice about the red lipped batfish is that […]

The Galapagos Master maiden trip!

We could not be prouder: our baby has flown off the nest! Galapagos Master had her maiden trip from 18th to 28th May 2015. Lucky Mark Shandur, owner and director, was on board to tell us all about this amazing adventure.              ©Marcel Wilpernig Located at the junction of three […]