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Truk Lagoon

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Truk Lagoon liveaboard highlights

Truk Lagoon (or Chuuk Lagoon to give it its correct name) is best known for its world-class wreck diving and variety of wrecks ranging from supply vessels (Maru) to planes and a submarine, all tightly packed into a coral reef lagoon. 

During WWII, the Japanese fleet used Truk Lagoon as one of their main staging points for attacks on the allied forces. In 1944 the American-led “Operation Hailstone” surprised the fleet resulting in the plethora of dive sites which we can see there today. With over 60 wrecks to explore and an abundance of marine life, it’s easy to appreciate why Chuuk is on many scuba divers’ ‘bucket list’ and wreck enthusiasts travel to the area time and time again.

Experience the Wreck Diving Capital of the World with Master Liveaboards and dive deeper into history!

Wreck Diving
Wreck diving paradise
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Recreational and Technical diving
Amazing remote atoll
Pristine Corals
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Unlike the wrecks of Bikini Atoll, the majority of the wrecks in Truk Lagoon are relatively shallow, and suitable for recreational and technical scuba divers alike. Find out more in our blog: How deep are the Truk Lagoon wrecks?

Whilst the wrecks themselves are encrusted with a variety of corals, you can still clearly see telegraphs, steering columns and mounted guns and many offer the opportunity to explore engine rooms and holds. Historical artefacts such as medicine bottles, gas masks and other personal effects can still be found at many of the sites along with machinery of war including engines, aircraft wings, tanks, guns and ammunition.  Surrounded by a barrier reef, Truk Lagoon has some excellent coral pinnacles and deep channels as well as an abundance of marine life to delight those scuba divers who want see more than just wrecks.

Check out our Ten interesting facts about Chuuk blog to learn more about the history and cultural that makes this such a special place to visit.

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Many of the wrecks in Truk Lagoon lie within recreational diving depths; However, Pacific Master also offers tec diving facilities for those wishing to delve deeper in the wrecks and take a closer look at history.

Itineraries in Truk Lagoon

We’ve got 3 itineraries to get you really inspired about liveaboard diving in Truk Lagoon.

Truk Lagoon 7 nights
Prices from US$ 2,205
Truk Lagoon 9 nights
Prices from US$ 2,835
Truk Lagoon 10 nights
Prices from US$ 3,150

Our liveaboard in Truk Lagoon

Pacific Master is a custom designed diving vessel with 12 cabins accommodating up to 20 guests and a crew of 12 including your dive team, skipper, boat crew and chefs. Inside she boasts a huge lounge and dining area with DVDs, large TVs and a dedicated camera area for our photographer guests.

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Customer Reviews

Take a look at what our customers have said about our liveaboard in Truk Lagoon.

Stephen Westwood
Stephen Westwood
Truk Master, Feb 2019
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I have had an amazing week and am grateful to all the crew for making such a great experience. I have learnt a huge amount and have loved it.
Having a blast!
Having a blast!
Truk Master, July 2019
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First a word about the diving. Diving the ghost fleet of bikini is simply awesome. Some of the best wreck diving in the world, where else in the world can one dive on an aircraft carrier, battleships, destroyers, and attack subs on one trip and also see tiger sharks on deco! The fish life and sharks are healthy and adds excitement on each dive. Now a word on the boat and crew, they were simply five stars.
One of the best ever destination for wreck diving
One of the best ever destination for wreck diving
Truk Master, Sept 2018
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Pluses Genuinely comfortable cabins with quiet engine Very well run dive operations with best in class protocols including great attention to gas mixes and pre dive checks. Very attentive crew Great dive sites. To be improved: Food could be more diverse even in this difficult environment for fresh supply Dive guide(s) and/or more intelligence about individual ships opportunities for penetrations? Better layout of the back upper deck with bin bags or other lounging chairs?
A wonderful experience
A wonderful experience
Truk Master, April 2018
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The service onboard Truk Master was excellent. I enjoyed every minute of my stay. My expectations regarding the wrecks were high to begin with, but the real experience was even better. Thanks to everyone on Truk Master I had a splendid vacation.
Such a warm welcome
Such a warm welcome
Truk Master, April 2018
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This was the dirty dozen trip, a full CCR exploration of Chuuk lagoons best wrecks. The boat has everything you want for tech diving, with a few wrinkles such as O2 percentages to be ironed out. This is more than made up for by the crew who counderstand not have been more helpfull deck crew are attentive and respectful of tech gear. The food is very American style, lots of fats and sugars and eating healthily requires more effort than it should but I am confident this will be resolved on future trips.

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