How to Book Cheaper Flights With a VPN

Book Cheaper Flights With A VPN

Have you ever wondered why the cost of a plane ticket can vary so much depending on where you’re searching? If so, you’re not alone! It turns out there are a few ways to get an edge on the competition and snag a great deal on airfare. One of those ways is to book cheaper […]

Enter inside the Nippo Maru Wreck

Nippo Maru tank, deck and liveaboard

The more you know about each Truk Lagoon wreck, the more you will get out of your dives in this wreck Mecca. Today, we jump and enter inside the wreck of the Nippo Maru. Quick facts LENGTH 107 m GROSS TONNAGE 3764 tons DEPTH AT THE BOTTOM 47 m DEPTH MAIN DECK 31-34 m DEPTH AT […]

How deep are the Truk Lagoon wrecks?

Bow of Amagisan Maru

Truk Lagoon hides its most famous treasures underwater: more than 40 WWII era shipwrecks. But, many divers think that the wrecks are really deep and cannot be dived recreationally. This is not true. So, how deep are the Truk Lagoon wrecks really? Truk – Not as deep as you think You will be surprised, but […]

A little story behind Truk Master

Truk Master as Astral Star

We are proud of our vessels: they are often both ours and your home. In this series of blogs “a little story behind”, we go back in time and researched the glorious pasts of our vessels. For this edition, let us tell you the story behind Truk Master. A luxurious start Truk Master started her […]

Inside the Fujikawa Maru wreck

The more you know about each Truk Lagoon wreck, the more you will get out of your liveaboard holiday. Today, we are exploring an iconic wreck: the Fujikawa Maru. Quick facts LENGTH 132 meters GROSS TONNAGE 6938 tons DEPTH AT THE BOTTOM 34 meters DEPTH MAIN DECK 18 meters DEPTH AT SHALLOWEST POINT 9 meters ACCESSIBILITY […]

Ten interesting facts about Chuuk

Interesting Facts About Chuuk - Header

Chuuk, or Truk Lagoon, is in the Federated States of Micronesia (abbreviated as FSM) and is considered the mecca for wreck divers. Before you head out to enjoy the underwater wonders in this dream destination, have a read through these 10 interesting facts about Chuuk! 1 – Its name Chuuk means “high mountains” in the […]

Chuuk vs. Truk. What’s in a name?

Truk Lagoon by Lena Kavander

Many people find the different names of Truk and Chuuk confusing, so in this article we will try to clear the waters once and for all. Chuuk Lagoon, also known as Truk Lagoon, is a sheltered body of water in the central Pacific. The lagoon lies at about 1,800 kilometres north-east of New Guinea and […]

Why Truk Lagoon Should Be On Your Bucket List

Zero in the Fukikara hold by Martin Cridge

People go scuba diving for various reasons. Some divers are primarily interested in the natural beauty of coral reefs, some in the animals that call this environment home, and others in wrecks and their history. Whether you like underwater life or shipwrecks, diving in Truk Lagoon should be on your bucket list. Here are 4 […]

A Wrecked Christmas In Truk Lagoon

Truk Master, Bikini Atoll sunset

How about some historical wreck diving and escaping the coldest time of the year in the northern hemisphere? Come aboard M/V Truk Master for Christmas in Truk Lagoon and enjoy one of the best wreck diving trips in the world. All this, while experiencing Christmas in an enjoyable tropical 30+ degrees Celsius (86°F). Our ‘Christmas […]