Enter inside the Nippo Maru Wreck


The more you know about each Truk wreck, the more you will get out of your dives on board the Truk Master Liveaboard…. Today, the Nippo Maru wreck.

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The Nippo Maru was built in 1936 and seized by the Japanese Navy in 1941 to transport water and artillery. In 1944 she was anchored in the west of Tonoas, with a cargo of water, fuel, ammunition, a tank and a truck (which had only left the chassis and wheel covers remaining after the attack).

Lying now at 45 m and relatively close to the main islands, the Nippo Maru is not only a wreck dive full of memorabilia but also a fantastic scenery dive, often with some pelagic action. The wreck has a layer of colorful corals and sponges inhabited by a wide selection of macro life, such as nudibranch, and also has tropical fish attracting bigger fish like grey reef sharks, eagle rays and school of tunas and jacks.

This 107 m wreck also has the famous rudder and engine room telegraph. From the bridge, which is in great shape, you can descend to the holds, discovering a good number of types of artillery, ammunition, tank (at the rear of the front deck) and land mines as well as personal belongings from the crew. The starboard side offers several light anti-tank guns with rubber wheels.

For more information about diving the Nippo Maru, and other shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon, please contact us.

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