How to Book Cheaper Flights With a VPN

Have you ever wondered why the cost of a plane ticket can vary so much depending on where you’re searching? If so, you’re not alone! It turns out there are a few ways to get an edge on the competition and snag a great deal on airfare. One of those ways is to book cheaper flights with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Let’s take a look at what this is and how it can help you find cheaper flights.

What is a VPN?

You might not be familiar with VPN’s, so let’s start at the beginning. A VPN is essentially a tunnel between two computers that enables secure communication over the internet. It does this by encrypting all traffic sent through the tunnel, which means that any information passing through can only be seen by the two computers in question. In addition to providing security, VPNs also allow users to access websites from different locations around the world. This can be very useful when it comes to booking airline tickets because some airlines offer different prices depending on where they think you are located when you make your purchase.

There are plenty of VPN services on offer out there. Just ask Google. One of the biggest and most trusted names in the business is NordVPN. But there are other, such as ExpressVPN, Surf Shark… the list is almost literally endless.

How Do I Book Cheaper Flights Using a VPN?

By connecting to one of the many available VPN services, you can effectively “trick” the airline into thinking that you are located somewhere else in the world. This will then allow you to search for flight prices from that location and potentially find better deals than if you had searched without using a VPN. For example, if an airline offers discounted tickets in Europe but not in North America, then using a European-based VPN server would allow you to access those discounted fares.

Happy Trails
Happy trails. Photo: Rexhep Ibrahimi on Unsplash

The question is often asked as to whether this is allowed. The simple answer is yes. When booking cheaper flights using a VPN, you will enter your details as normal. You are getting access to deals in different markets through a different door. You are simply playing the same game as the airlines. For example, did you know that flights into and around both Micronesia and Marshall Islands are currently often at least twice the price for clients based outside the USA with a certain US airline?

Do I Need To Worry About Security?

Not at all! When used correctly, VPNs are actually secure and provide an added layer of anonymity for internet users. So while there may be some slight performance risks associated with using these services (such as slow speeds or connection drops), overall they should provide plenty of protection from malicious activity online.

Secure Card Payment On A VPN
Payment security taken care of. Photo: on Unsplash

Additionally, most reputable providers offer advanced encryption protocols like OpenVPN or IPSec which ensure your data remains safe and private.

In short, booking flights with a VPN is just another way to save money on your next trip! By connecting to one of these services, you can potentially find great discounts on airfares. All in all, it’s worth taking advantage of this potential savings opportunity when planning your next trip with Master Liveaboards!



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