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All change in the Pacific

All change in the Pacific

COVID-19 was a tough time, but it allowed us to look at our operations more closely. The changes described below are now in place, but for anyone who finds themselves here and interested, this is what happened…

Through 2020 we looked at our general organisational structure, our branding, the systems we use, and our general internal processes. On top of this, we have placed a strong emphasis on safety and hygiene.

We made significant changes on the back of all of this which will mean we will be generally stronger. More importantly though, we can offer even better products at even better value.

This change continues this evolution and is also one of the more obvious changes to you, our customer.

Truk Lagoon, Bikini Atoll, and Solomon Islands

Truk Master began operations in Truk Lagoon in mid 2016 and extended her operational area with the addition of Bikini Atoll in 2018. It’s safe to say that our operations in these areas, both recreational and technical, have been hugely successful. So much so that renowned technical guru Aron Arngrimsson, through his company The Dirty Dozen Expeditions, placed his confidence in us as his choice of operator for his many technical, recreational, and free-diving cruises.

While all this was happening, 2017 saw us team up with Solomon Islands Dive Expeditions and their vessel Taka. This relationship has allowed us to offer one of the most untouched dive areas in the world to our clients. Namely, Solomon Islands.

Not only that, but the team there had already cut their technical teeth with Pete Mesley’s Lust 4 Rust on the wrecks of Iron Bottom Sound.

As part of our evaluations, we have been working hard behind the scenes to make all three of these destinations even more attractive for everyone. The solution to how we can do this is remarkably simple…

Let’s switch the boats around.

The reality of making that switch is a little more complicated than saying the short sentence. That said, we feel the minor disruption is well worth it:

  1. It will allow us to offer extra departures in Bikini Atoll for two full seasons. This means that we can try to make sure that anyone whose trip was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions has the chance to rebook, even though Truk Master is almost fully booked.
  2. It puts an expedition style vessel in expedition destinations. There is a lot of diving in and around the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. A full expedition vessel will allow us to offer bespoke charters on request.
  3. Our recreational customers have spoken and the wish for a vessel that is a little more suited to couples is what was said. Truk Master has 8 private en-suite cabins with flexibility between double and twin bed set ups. Undoubtedly she will now be the best liveaboard vessel in the area.


The timeline for this switch will begin in May of 2022 as the Bikini season starts as follows:

Start of Bikini Atoll Season 2022
April 2022
Solomons PNG Master will leave Solomon Islands and head to Bikini Atoll. In the process, to avoid future confusion, she will take on her new fleet name ‘Pacific Master’.

Truk Master will operate her existing trips in Bikini meaning there will be two vessels operating staggered departures.
Start of Bikini Atoll Season 2022
End of Bikini Atoll Season 2022
October 2022
The newly named 'Pacific Master' will take over full time duties in Truk Lagoon.

Truk Master will leave Bikini Atoll for her new home in Solomon Islands. In the process she will in turn take on her new fleet name ‘Solomons Master’
End of Bikini Atoll Season 2022
Start of Bikini Atoll Season 2023
April 2023
The newly named 'Solomons Master' (current Truk Master) will return to Bikini Atoll to operate all cruises as currently booked.

Pacific Master will run new dates in Bikini Atoll, running a second parallel season in Bikini with Solomons Master
Start of Bikini Atoll Season 2023
End of Bikini Atoll Season 2023
September 2023 onwards
Pacific Master takes over Truk and Bikini operations permanently

Solomons Master will operate in Solomon Islands year round
End of Bikini Atoll Season 2023

We are aware that this is not the simplest of movements but, as the adage goes, a picture says a thousand words. Slide the image to view the individual journey of each vessel. For a closer view, click on the image to zoom.

We hope that, with this operational change, we can not only provide a better service, but also offer all of our customers more flexibility and suitability to their bookings.

NOTE: The following images are for illustration purposes only. Final boat livery may vary.

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