Sand Artist: Sand Bubbler Crab

[vimeo height=”500″ width=”600″][/vimeo] While on your live aboard dive trip in the tropics, your cruise director will certainly bring you to one white sandy beautiful beach. Have you ever noticed hundreds of tiny sand balls patterned around a tiny hole by a crab? Feeding With a body color resembling sand, the crabs are easy to […]

Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead sharks are known to be found in the Galapagos, however, a good number of them tend to hang around in Bahamas as well! Here are 3 facts you probably didn’t know about hammerheads and will make you love them even more! 1. The purpose of their hammerhead shape. 1.1. 360 degree View – Binocular […]

Only For Wreck Lovers: Dive Into Something Different!

Traditionally, naval battles were artillery competitions where ships were lined up to face the enemy ships to test their destructive power (as you can read in this article about warships ) However, from WWII, especially during the War in the Pacific, Zero fighters and bombers took center stage, turning the ships into floating airports. WWII  […]