Galapagos August Dive Report: Massive Schools Of Hammerhead Sharks, Sea Lions, And Mola Molas!

Great live aboard dive trip in the Galapagos.

Top 5 dives of this month trips


School of hammerhead sharks in Galapagos


• Current: Strong
• Eagle rays, mola molas, huge schools of 60 hammerhead sharks, blotched stingrays, Galapagos sharks, schools of snappers, moray eels, Galapagos garden eels, baby whale sharks, sting rays, scorpion fish and big schools of white tip reef sharks.

Darwin’s Arch:

Turtle in the Galapagos

• Current: Mild
• Hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, turtles, eels, dolphins, big schools of jacks, eagle rays and massive school of jack fish.


School of eagle rays in the Galapagos

• Current: Mild
• Hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, Galapagos sharks, turtles, eels and eagle rays

Isla Isabela:

Mola mola in the Galapagos

• Current: Mild
• Mola molas, mantas, bull sharks, harlequin fish, sea lions, schools of tunas and barracudas, turtles, sting rays and nudibranch.

Cousin’s Rock

Sea lion hunting in the Galapagos

• Current: Mild
• Sea lions, spotted eagle rays, golden rays, barracudas, reef fish, mobulas and white tip sharks.

Customers Feedback

• “Great boat, great crew members, great service.” Yoon Chung
• “Guides were professional, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Loved the welcome and exit cocktail hour. Well managed crew by the experienced captain.” Rebecca Ann Westley
• “The best crew all around we have experienced over many liveaboards. THANK YOU.“ Anonymous

Thank you for this great trip!


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