Best Dive Site in Palau: Blue Corner

Top dive sites in the world

Blue Corner is considered the best dive site in Palau and is generally considered as one of the top dive sites in the world. But you may wonder why this particular site has earned all these titles. We did too.

Palau – history in the making

In 2009, Palau became the world’s first shark sanctuary. In 2012, the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site; while in 2015, this Pacific nation was the world’s largest marine sanctuary (500 000 sq km/ 193 000 sq miles), which had the eyes of the world shift focus towards this incredible archipelago.

As divers, we all already know Palau for what the country offers underwater. The dive sites in Palau are just some of the most extraordinary in the world, but there is one that always steal our hearts: Blue Corner.

Known for its strong currents, as well as consistent and abundant shark action, each dive is action packed. And anything can happen. You can spot schools of snapper, barracuda, and jacks regularly. Napoleon wrasses are also often very inquisitive; coming close to divers for a perfect photo opportunity. But you can also find smaller creatures including pipefish & leaf fish, especially in the channels.

What is Blue Corner?

Blue Corner is adjacent to another famous site, Blue Holes. Blue Holes are caverns in the reef face with many species normally found in much deeper water. The reef complex that includes these and other spectacular dive sites is called Ngemelis.

Blue Corner is actually a reef plateau that sticks out into the open ocean. The reef runs out to sea dropping off in the deep waters. As it is exposed, it is subject to very strong tidal currents. These currents attract the “big” stuff and in huge abundance. The incredible variety of fish, including barracudas, jacks, Napoleon wrasses, and schooling grey reef sharks will stun you.

However, the current also means that the site can be difficult to dive. We normally recommend a minimum of 50 dives so that you are comfortable and can enjoy the magic. A reef hook is also a must to remain stationary in the current.

A map of the best dive site in Palau
Map of the site: Blue Corner – Palau

A privileged position for Blue Corner

There is a barrier reef that creates a lagoon all around the whole of Palau. There are only a few channels that allow the flow of water in and out of the lagoon during the tidal changes, regenerating the sediments and cleaning the lagoon.

Blue Corner is sitting in a very privileged location. It sits just where the currents hit the reef wall and so they flow up and over the plateau, bringing in abundant plankton. In turn, this plankton attracts a wide variety of marine life and with that… come bigger pelagic fish.

The strong currents also bring rarer pelagic species close to the reef in this area, such as whale sharks, eagle rays, and bull sharks.

The best dive site in Palau from above
An aerial view of Blue Corner – photo: Dan Norwood

Get hooked on the best dive site in Palau!

The famous attraction in Palau is to hook in the current and watch numerous reef and tip reef sharks swim against the current, as well as large schools of fearless jacks and black snappers. On a good day, you are likely to see around 50 sharks whilst on a “bad day”, around 20. If you stay still, sharks will even come to you! So just hook in, inflate your BCD, and enjoy the show!

Whilst you often need your reef hook to get the best of Blue Corner, your dive will not be finished once you unhook. As you drift above the reef plate, there will be plenty to see and the show will continue. Tunas, giant trevallies, large school of jacks, snappers, barracudas, turtles, Napoleon wrasses, and bumphead parrotfish are all frequent visitors.

Reef hooked in Palau
Divers using reef hooks at Blue Corner, Palau – Photo: Kerry Kay

Every dive is different

Depending on the tide and the moon phases, the underwater action can be totally different every time! So, you have to dive Blue Corner several times to really get a full experience! It can also vary depending on moon phases and time of year.

Guests aboard Palau Siren are often treated to unusual hunting at the start of the year. Sharks gather from miles away to hunt the huge Moorish idol spawning aggregation. This aggregation is extremely rare and Blue Corner is one place where you are able to witness it.

Moorish Idols spawning in Palau
Moorish Idols aggregation in Palau. Photo: Richard Barnden

Many local dive guides never get enough of Blue Corner! You can dive it a thousand times and it will always be different. And this is one of the reasons this dive site is one of the top 5 in the world. You never get bored!

Did you know?

Blue Corner was allegedly discovered by a local dive guide just by chance. One day, after a dive in Blue Holes, instead of turning right, he turned left and voila! He discovered this incredible new dive site and couldn’t help himself to spread the word once outside!

Contact us today to dive this amazing dive site in Palau as there is nothing better than Blue Corner!



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