Supporting Ukraine By Diving

Supporting Ukraine by diving

Michael booked a charter to Palau for his agency, based in Russia, in October of 2019. The trip was for a departure in 2020, but none of us could foresee just how much the world was about change. Read on for the story of how Master Liveaboards is doing its little bit supporting Ukraine The […]

Is Palau really a great diving destination?

Sharks are often seen at Blue Corner

The diversity of dive sites will wow divers, but is Palau really a great diving destination? well, it is certainly an all-in-one diving destination that has it all. Whether it is the strong currents at Blue Corner, the beautiful hard coral gardens of big drop-offs, the mysterious WWII wrecks, or the visually stunning cave of […]

Photo tips for blackwater diving

Blackwater diving in Palau

In one of our previous blogs, we explored blackwater diving and the amazing organisms you can encounter. So now you are booked on Palau Siren and ready to go! But, how can you take the best photos? With these few photo tips for blackwater diving, we hope you will be able to get some amazing […]

The first shark sanctuary

Sharks are often seen at Blue Corner

Palau was the first country on our planet to create a shark sanctuary, on 25th September 2009. The tiny country is a leader when it comes to environmental protection as we have seen in previous articles. So it was no surprise (to us) that they were the first ones to innovate! This first shark sanctuary […]

Discover Palau

Palau's Rock Islands

Palau is one of the lesser-known countries in the world. Ask your friends and see if they can point to it on a map…or even if they have heard of it. For us, it’s one of the best diving destinations in the world. So it’s time for you discover its secrets and surprising facts.  Small […]

Spawning dives – what are they all about?

New moon spawning with bumphaed

You may often hear the term spawning dives. This type of diving happens at a very particular time and place but makes for some of the most amazing dives you may ever have. So let’s dive in and learn all about the spawning dives! What is spawning? Many types of marine organisms have a reproductive […]

The Palau Pledge

Child of Palau Palau Pledge

In Palau, you will find that it’s woven into the culture to conserve what you have. Now, Palauans are paving the way for all nations. They have decided to put environmental protection at the heart of their values. In 2017, this gave rise to the Palau Pledge. What is the Palau Pledge? Palau is the […]

What is blackwater Diving?

What is blackwater diving?

Blackwater diving is not something that all divers know about. In fact, we had to be walked through it the first time that Unique Dive Expeditions in Palau brought it up as something we might be interested in. Even if you know what it is, you may still be wondering what all the fuss is […]