Dive the USS Apogon (SS-308)

Diver on the USS Apogon

The more you know about each Bikini Atoll wreck, the more you will get out of your scuba liveaboard holiday. Today, we are exploring one of the prime wrecks found in the lagoon. And it happens to be a submarine! It does not get any better so dive right on the USS Apogon (SS-308). Quick […]

Exploring the World Underwater: Advantages of Liveaboard Diving

Advantages of Liveaboard Diving - Karim Iliya

If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring the depths of the ocean, then diving from a liveaboard is an experience like no other. From having access to some of the world’s most incredible dive sites to meeting other divers from around the globe, there are many advantages that come with this type of journey. In this […]

Enter inside the Nippo Maru Wreck

Nippo Maru tank, deck and liveaboard

The more you know about each Truk Lagoon wreck, the more you will get out of your dives in this wreck Mecca. Today, we jump and enter inside the wreck of the Nippo Maru. Quick facts LENGTH 107 m GROSS TONNAGE 3764 tons DEPTH AT THE BOTTOM 47 m DEPTH MAIN DECK 31-34 m DEPTH AT […]

How Do Fish Sleep

Sleeping Puffer Fish

During night dives aboard our vessels we, divers, get the chance to see the underwater world from another perspective. And it’s a perspective from which we can learn! As with animals on land, fish can use the night to either hunt or sleep. But, have you ever wondered, how do fish sleep? The physiology of […]

How deep are the Truk Lagoon wrecks?

Bow of Amagisan Maru

Truk Lagoon hides its most famous treasures underwater: more than 40 WWII era shipwrecks. But, many divers think that the wrecks are really deep and cannot be dived recreationally. This is not true. So, how deep are the Truk Lagoon wrecks really? Truk – Not as deep as you think You will be surprised, but […]

How often do scuba divers get left behind?

Diver at the surface left behind

Every year you hear the story of divers being left behind in the water. It always makes the news headlines and has even inspired Hollywood with blockbusters like “Open Water”. But in reality, how often do scuba divers get left behind? And what can you do to prevent it? Reasons There are several reasons as […]

What is coral?

Colorful soft and hard corals in the Mergui Archipelago

From a distance, it often looks like mossy rock or bone. Up close it appears to be covered in tiny flowers. So what is coral? Let’s look at it under a microscope Firstly, what you generally see as coral is not ‘a’ single individual. Rather it is a huge collection of corals. Each of those […]

White Beach in the Solomons

Wreck diving Solomon Islands

White Beach is a spectacular dive site in the Solomons. It will certainly be one of the highlights of your trip as it was for Shaz Kozak. After a long journey, from points all around the world, we have finally landed in Solomon Islands. There are 16 of us on board and we are tired […]