Is Palau really a great diving destination?

Sharks are often seen at Blue Corner

The diversity of dive sites will wow divers, but is Palau really a great diving destination? well, it is certainly an all-in-one diving destination that has it all. Whether it is the strong currents at Blue Corner, the beautiful hard coral gardens of big drop-offs, the mysterious WWII wrecks, or the visually stunning cave of […]

Diving Into The Coral Triangle

Diving the Coral Triangle in Indonesia

If I ask you, what are the lungs of the earth? You will say the Amazon, right? But have you ever wondered what the lungs of the seas are? Well, if we consider the coral reefs as the forests of the seas, then the Coral Triangle will be the lungs! This area of roughly 6 […]

Photo tips for blackwater diving

Blackwater diving in Palau

In one of our previous blogs, we explored blackwater diving and the amazing organisms you can encounter. So now you are booked on Palau Siren and ready to go! But, how can you take the best photos? With these few photo tips for blackwater diving, we hope you will be able to get some amazing […]

Five Weird Sea Critters Courtship Displays

Mandarin fish couple in the Philippines

In our beloved underwater world, it is Valentine’s Day all year long. Our watery residents are doing a really good job at wooing their loved ones. If you would like to (re)impress your special someone, why not try one of these weird sea critters courtship displays? Drag queens – Cuttlefish When a male cuttlefish is […]

What is this fish?

Colourful fish, diving near Coron - Philippines

You surface from an amazing dive having seen a fish you’ve never seen before; what is this fish? Sod’s law, you didn’t have your camera with you and so the only record you have is your memory. You’re trying to describe it. But other than “fish-like” and “grey-silver coloured”, you just cannot find the right […]

Dive the IJN Nagato

The pagoda of the IJN Nagato in Bikini Atoll

One of the most popular wrecks we dive in Bikini Atoll is the IJN Nagato. So let’s dive right into this amazing vessel’s history. Quick facts LENGTH 215.80 meters GROSS TONNAGE 32720 tons DEPTH AT THE BOTTOM 52 meters DEPTH MAIN DECK 48-50 meters DEPTH AT SHALLOWEST POINT 33.5 meters ACCESSIBILITY Technical diver – ideally […]

Why my wetsuit does not fit?

There are tons of potential reasons that your wetsuit does not fit, but the main culprit is most probably the holidays. We’ve all been there after the holiday season. After indulging in lush meals and delicious chocolate, all watered down with the finest wines, it can be hard to fit into those pre-holidays clothes. We […]

Hermaphrodite fishes: no need to choose a gender

Clown fish - Diving in Thailand

Did you know that many, if not most, marine creatures are hermaphrodites? A shocking way to start an article, right? But many underwater creatures have both female and male reproductive organs. Read on to learn more about our hermaphrodite friends… Hermaphroditism is fairly common in marine invertebrates (like nudibranchs). But fishes are the only vertebrates, […]

The first shark sanctuary

Sharks are often seen at Blue Corner

Palau was the first country on our planet to create a shark sanctuary, on 25th September 2009. The tiny country is a leader when it comes to environmental protection as we have seen in previous articles. So it was no surprise (to us) that they were the first ones to innovate! This first shark sanctuary […]

Dive USS Lamson (DD-367)

Shot down onto the USS Anderson at Bikini Atoll

The more you know about each Bikini Atoll wreck, the more you will get out of your scuba liveaboard holiday. Today, we are exploring one of the prime wrecks found in the lagoon. Dive with us on USS Lamson (DD-367). Quick facts LENGTH 104.04 meters GROSS TONNAGE 1500 tons DEPTH AT THE BOTTOM 51 meters […]