10 interesting facts about The Bahamas

Flag of Bahamas

We are soon to restart our operations in The Bahamas. Before you go there though, why not brush up a little on this fabulous destination and learn 10 interesting facts about The Bahamas. There are a lot of islands There are over 700 islands in the Bahamas. All of them are either sand or limestone […]

Dive Hollywood in The Bahamas

Hollywood in The Bahamas

Dive Hollywood in The Bahamas you say? That sounds weird, no? Well, over 35 movies have been filmed, at least partly, in the Bahamas. So diving in The Bahamas gives us all the opportunity to dive backstage! When we say Bahamas , what are the first words that come to your mind? We bet you […]

A little story behind Bahamas Master

Bahamas Master Liveaboard

We are proud of our vessels: they are our and your home. In this series of blogs “a little story behind”, we will go back in time and see where the boats came from. This time around, let’s look at the story behind Bahamas Master. Our lovely vessel, as the name makes clear, is operating […]

The Blue Holes of The Bahamas

Blue Holes of the Bahamas sign

The Bahamas may be best known for high adrenalin shark diving, but there is much more to see in this Caribbean paradise! The perfect itinerary to discover Bahamian wonders are our 7 and 10 night Wrecks, Blue Holes and Sharks itineraries. As the name suggests, these itineraries have some exciting shark diving at Tiger Beach. […]

The Best Dive Sites In The Bahamas: Our Top 5

Best Dive Sites In The Bahamas

Our guests often ask us what are the best dive sites in the Bahamas. It’s a tricky question and, just like a parent, you really can’t have a favourite. Or more truthfully, it depends on the day. It can depend on the conditions, which marine life decides to show, and what you might personally want from […]

Diving with sharks in the Bahamas

Diving with Sharks in the Bahamas

In Africa, you have the Big Five Game Animals. When you hit the savannah, these are the big boys you want to tick off and experience close up. As divers, of course, we have our own Big Five. Everyone’s big five are different but for Master Liveaboards, in the Caribbean at least, they are all […]

Three dive sites for great sharks encounters

Tiger Shark in Tiger Beach with a photographer

Are you looking for an adrenalin rush?? Then The Bahamas should be your next liveaboard dive trip! With its 100% guarantee of several shark species encounters, The Bahamas aren’t known as a shark diving mecca for nothing! Three areas in particular stand out for shark encounters: Bimini for hammerheads, Cat Island for oceanic whitetip sharks […]