Best dive site in the Red Sea: Elphinstone

Elphinstone reef Red Sea Egypt Marsa Alam

Beneath the waters of the Egyptian Red Sea, not so far off the southern coast, lies possibly the best dive site in the Red Sea: Elphinstone. This magnificent dive site, located in the Marsa Alam region, has earned its reputation as one of Egypt’s premier dive destinations. With its dramatic underwater landscapes, vibrant marine life, […]

Olive sea snakes in the Eastern Banda Sea

2 snakes entangled at Manoek Indonesia

Seeing a sea snake underwater is quite a sight. They are both relatively rare and majestic. On our Southern Forgotten Islands or Eastern Banda Sea itineraries you will visit dive sites such as Manuk and Gunung Api. These places are so pretty but what makes them extraordinary is the amount of Olive sea snakes you […]

The shy thresher shark

Visayas, Southern Leyte & Malapascua - Thresher Sharks

When you dive in Malapascua, you will get the chance to see the shy thresher shark. Sightings are almost on a daily basis which is extraordinary for this less-known and sheepish shark. There is no way you will not recognise it. This shark stands out! What a tail! The tail is what makes this particular […]

Five Weird Sea Critters Courtship Displays

Mandarin fish couple in the Philippines

In our beloved underwater world, it is Valentine’s Day all year long. Our watery residents are doing a really good job at wooing their loved ones. If you would like to (re)impress your special someone, why not try one of these weird sea critters courtship displays? Drag queens – Cuttlefish When a male cuttlefish is […]

What is this fish?

Colourful fish, diving near Coron - Philippines

You surface from an amazing dive having seen a fish you’ve never seen before; what is this fish? Sod’s law, you didn’t have your camera with you and so the only record you have is your memory. You’re trying to describe it. But other than “fish-like” and “grey-silver coloured”, you just cannot find the right […]

Hermaphrodite fishes: no need to choose a gender

Clown fish - Diving in Thailand

Did you know that many, if not most, marine creatures are hermaphrodites? A shocking way to start an article, right? But many underwater creatures have both female and male reproductive organs. Read on to learn more about our hermaphrodite friends… Hermaphroditism is fairly common in marine invertebrates (like nudibranchs). But fishes are the only vertebrates, […]

Sand Artist: Sand Bubbler Crab

The sand artist

While on you are enjoying your diving holidays on one of our liveaboards, the crew will take you, at some point, to a beautiful white sandy beach. Once you set foot on it, pay attention! You may notice hundreds of tiny balls next to a hole. These tiny footballs are the work of art of […]

Cooperative hunting: groupers and moray eels

Moray eel in the Galapagos

Cooperative hunting is well known among some terrestrial animals (lions), birds (Aplomado falcons), marine mammals (bottlenose dolphins), and humans. However, cooperative hunting amongst different species is extremely rare . The main reason of course, is that different species often do not communicate well between themselves, let alone outside their species. That is apart from humans. […]

Some unusual facts about hammerhead sharks

Schooling Hammerheads

Sharks, in general, are just amazing, but the hammerhead is even more so. We have found some facts about hammerhead sharks that you might not have known. Why are hammerheads such a weird shape? Nature always has a reason for everything, whether we know it or not. But you have to admit, it’s a pretty […]

The Giant Ocean Sunfish: a most bizarre fish

Sunfish swimming in the Galapagos by Christian Vizl

The giant ocean sunfish is a frequent visitor to the Galapagos Islands’ waters and is quite a common underwater sight while diving onboard Galapagos Master. However, the Molidae family – to which the giant ocean sunfish belongs – is one of the lesser known and most bizarre fish families in the world. The family only […]