Prinz Eugen – The Wrecks of the Nuclear Fleet

Prinz Eugen in Bikini Atoll

When diving Bikini, Prinz Eugen is often the first dive of the trip. After all, she’s right there in Kwajalein Atoll, nice and shallow, the perfect check dive for the trip ahead. But how did she get here, and what is she like to dive? Wreck Stats Prinz Eugen is an Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruiser. […]

Operation Crossroads – Bikini Atoll

Operation Crossroads - Test Baker

The United States had first introduced the world to the power of nuclear weaponry on August 6th 1945. Most of the world had seen the attack on Hiroshima, and three days later Nagasaki. There could be no doubt that we were in a new era of military power. But the question was whether this new […]

Operation Crossroads – Able Test

Able Test - 1st July 1946 - part of Operation Crossroads

It had been less than a year since nuclear testing on a naval fleet had first been suggested. In that time, the population of Bikini Atoll was cleared and ninety four vessels were now moored in the lagoon. Some 40,000 personal moved into the area and the world was ready for Operation Crossroads to begin. […]

Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands

Diving Bikini Atoll and Marshall Islands with a CCR

Bikini Atoll is in the Marshall Islands and is likely on the list of least visited places on earth. It’s certainly one of the least visited places that people have actually heard of. Luckily for you, Master Liveaboards now have 2 vessels operating there, for a while at least. This makes it easier for you […]

Do You Know Your Warship Terminology?

Japanese Battleship Nagato postcard

Many of Master Liveaboard’s destinations have at least a wreck or two on their itineraries. Some are civilian wrecks such as ferries or cargo ships. But many are wrecks from the WWII era. But what is the difference between a destroyer and cruiser? What one earth is a frigate? Well, we are here to help. […]

Master Liveaboards goes to Bikini

Diver next to a gun - Bikini Atoll

In 2018, Master Liveaboards are pleased to add Bikini Atoll to the list of its exciting destinations. Pacific Master will run special itineraries from May to September.  The stories behind After the Second World War, the USA collected a ‘mock’ naval fleet for the purpose of testing the impact of different atomic bombs on a large […]

The History behind Operation Hailstone

Aikoku Maru during Operation Hailstone

Operation Hailstone is one of the reasons we dive in Truk Lagoon nowadays. But what is the history behind Operation Hailstone? Tension between USA and Japan It was not until 1941 that the USA entered WWII. They mainly saw it as an European war. However, the attack on Pearl Harbor changed everything for the USA. […]

Inside the Rio de Janeiro Maru Wreck

Rio De Janeiro Maru at port in 1930

The more you know about each wreck in Truk Lagoon, the more you will get out of your dives. In a series of articles around the specific wrecks in the lagoon we will give you a little extra history. In this edition, the Rio de Janeiro Maru. Quick facts LENGTH 140 meters GROSS TONNAGE 9626 tons DEPTH […]