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Egypt liveaboard highlights

The Egyptian Red Sea stands as one of the Seven Wonders of the Underwater World, showcasing an extraordinarily bountiful and diverse ecosystem. Within its depths, you’ll encounter a stunning array of life, including over 1,100 fish species, 1,000 invertebrate species, a kaleidoscope of over 200 soft and hard coral varieties, and the majestic presence of 44 distinct shark species.

Dive alongside large pelagics such as oceanic white tip, thresher, and hammerhead sharks. A wide array of colourful, tropical fish will keep even the most seasoned diver entertained. The Red Sea offers great macro wonders too; including a great variety of nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, and leaf fish. 

The great marine biodiversity in the Red Sea is partly due to the expanse of coral reef that extends along huge lengths of its coastline. Offering exciting dive sites suitable for divers of all levels and interests, the Red Sea is an ideal place for beginner divers to get to grips with the underwater world. The avid wreck diver can explore legendary shipwrecks such as Thistlegorm and Giannis D.

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The huge variety of dive sites in the Red Sea will undoubtedly impress even the most experienced divers and give them a trip to remember.

Itineraries in Egypt

We’ve got 12 amazing itineraries to get you excited about liveaboard diving in Egypt.

Best of the Red Sea
Prices from US$ 1550
Brothers, Safaga & Elphinstone
Prices from US$ 1050
Daedalus and St. Johns
Prices from US$ 1450
Red Sea Wrecks
Prices from US$ 1150
Brothers, Daedalus & Elphinstone
Prices from US$ 1400
Strait of Tiran & North
Prices from US$ 1050
Ultimate Red Sea (10 nights)
Prices from US$ 2090
Deep South
Prices from US$ 1450
North & Safaga
Price from US$ 1050
Northern Red Sea and Brothers
Prices from US$ 1150
Northern Red Sea Wrecks & Reefs
Prices from US$ 760
Rocky, Zabargad & St Johns
Prices from US$ 1450

Our liveaboards in the Egypt

Nestled amid the azure embrace of the Red Sea’s crystal-clear waters, our two magnificent luxury liveaboard diving vessels. Prepare to be enchanted as you sail towards some of the world’s most coveted dive sites aboard Blue Melody and Blue Horizon.

Dive deep into the heart of the Red Sea’s mesmerizing depths, where vibrant coral gardens and an awe-inspiring array of marine life await. Join us on a voyage where luxury meets the wonders of the deep, and let Blue Melody and Blue Horizon be your gateway to an aquatic paradise like no other.

This spacious liveaboard boasting double and twin cabins, all benefiting from en suite facilities, air conditioning, and in-cabin entertainment.

With generous space to spare, this expansive liveaboard features variety of double and twin cabins, each offering en suite amenities, climate control, and in-cabin entertainment for your ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

What to see in the Red Sea

Already excited about diving in the Red Sea? Here’s what you can hope to see underwater.

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what our customers have said about our liveaboard in the Red Sea

Sam Aquino
Sam Aquino
Blue Horizon, Oct. 2023
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Thanks for an amazing and unforgettable experience. I enjoyed my time here so much and every single person in the crew was absolutely lovely and splendid. Thanks to all!!!
Tash Scott
Tash Scott
Blue Horizon, Jul. 2023
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All crew on this trip have been amazing. They have made my group feel welcomed and looked after. We have complex diving needs but everything was sorted with a minimum of fuss. We had 2 birthdays on board and both guests were made to feel super special for the day.
Mike So
Mike So
Blue Horizon, May. 2023
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Superb holiday everything catered for, amazing dives. Food was amazing, cabins kept immaculate. All guides were polite and knowledgeable. Brilliant boat staff couldn't do enough for you.
Sara Danson
Sara Danson
Blue Horizon, Jun. 2023
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The team on the Blue Horizon this week were incredible. Their hard work has made our trip so memorable. I have not been on a liveaboard before but there are many in our group who have. They have ALL said the crew this week are the best they have experienced. I cannot wait to return to a Blue O2 Red Sea trip. I hope it will be soon!
Amanda Harding
Amanda Harding
Blue Horizon, Jun. 2023
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Anka was brilliant and every day went extra miles for us. I learnt so much. I came on a holiday and left more qualified, a better diver, more knowledgeable and respectful and was able to put learning into practice. I am so grateful for all the conversations and help. I had a great time, thanks know you all. This was a slick operation, so safe and fun. Great job everyone.

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