Central & Southern Atolls

MANDATORY Requirements: PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent - minimum of 50 logged dives and experience in currents



7 & 10 nights


Skill level


Central & Southern Atolls


Pristine Corals
Thriving reefs
Manta Rays
Manta Rays
Abundant Marinelife
Abundant marine life
Drift diving
Drift Diving
Pelagic Sightings

Covering large areas of both the central and southern Maldives, this one way itinerary covers plenty of ocean and some fantastic diving along the way. South Male, Vaavu, Meemu, Thaa, Laamu, and Huvhadoo atolls all feature on the route. With ocean currents feeding many of the channels on the itinerary, incoming nutrients mean healthy reefs and an abundance of sea life. From beautiful soft corals and colourful invertebrates to schooling jacks, tuna, sharks, and rays; this trip never fails to deliver.

Dates & Prices

What's included:
Obligatory surcharges:

*Goods & Services Tax applies to payments made on board for equipment rental, nitrox, courses, alcohol, soft drinks and merchandise.

Maps & Itinerary

PLEASE NOTE: The inclusion of some of the sites listed below is dependent on itinerary duration, season and other factors that may be beyond our control.


Huvadhoo Atoll features a circular expanse with a deep central lagoon enclosed by reefs and coral islets. Its 40 reef segments create a diverse diving environment, teeming with marine life and vibrant corals affording exciting encounters and exhilarating drift dives.

Laamu Atoll – Fushi Kandu 

Often described as ‘Fish Soup’, Fushi Kandu is one of the most popular dive sites in the region. Relatively shallow at a depth of 12-15 metres, the channel stretches almost 250 metres and is frequented by numerous sharks and other pelagics to excite and delight divers as they drift along with the current.

Thaa Atoll – Olhugiri Kandu

On the South side of Thaa Atoll, large numbers of schooling fish draw reef sharks and tuna from the blue beyond along the walls and channel opening on the hunt for an easy meal. Eagle rays can often be seen foraging for crustaceans amongst the sand and corals, or scooping up discarded fish morsels.

Meemu Atoll – Mulaku Kandu

The north east is peppered with submerged pinnacles covered predominantly in soft corals, whilst the west will see you surrounded by jacks and snappers. Keep an eye open for sharks and rays along the wall at 30 metres.

Vaavu Atoll – Fotteyo Kandu

Considered by many as one of the best dive areas in the Maldives, Vaavu offers pristine reefs on the eastern side and thrilling shark dives. Fotteyo is one of the more challenging dive sites which is best suited to experienced divers; reef hooks are recommended as currents are usually very strong.

South Male Atoll – Guraidhoo Kandu

Since the eastern side of Guraidhoo channel is open ocean, large predatory fish can regularly be spotted here. This site is famous for sightings of sharks, schools of eagle rays and the occasional sailfish and hammerhead.

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Your cruise director will schedule up to three dives per day. This means up to 25 dives during the 10 night cruise. The diving day is typically scheduled as follows:

  • Light Breakfast followed by a briefing and Dive 1
  • Full Breakfast, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 2
  • Lunch, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 3*
  • Snack relaxation period
  • Dinner

*If we offer a sunset or night dive, the schedule will be slightly amended.

PLEASE NOTE: This itinerary involves diving in strong currents and is only suitable for experienced divers. Our crew reserve the right to deny participation in some or all dives if they deem any person unfit or not experienced enough to cope with the diving conditions.

Detailed itinerary

*The itinerary above is an example only and is subject to change at the time of sailing depending on local regulations and restrictions, guests’ experience, weather conditions and logistics and is at the Captain’s discretion. Adverse weather and sea conditions can affect this route which includes several overnight sailings.



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Blue Voyager welcomes 26 divers on board with spacious modern comfort, providing the best Maldivian diving experience.

At 37m, Blue Voyager is a steel-hulled vessel that boasts three roomy double cabins and ten twin cabins. She features an indoor dining area, a bar and sky lounge, as well as a jacuzzi. A shaded outdoor lounge area can be found on the sun deck, plus viewing decks located at the front of both the upper and sun decks, an open air deck on the sun deck plus an ocean deck at the stern of the boat on the main deck, all providing comfortable seating and loungers.


Master Liveaboards offers a range of services to make your stay on board even more enjoyable. Equipment rental, Nitrox and courses can be pre-booked and pre-paid when booking your liveaboard. Rebreather diver guests, please send us your gas and equipment requests as early as possible.

7 nights
10 nights
Maldivian Green Tax (per person)*
42 USD
60 USD
Maldivian Goods & Services Tax

*All surcharges, including local taxes, are subject to change at any time, and without notice.

PLEASE NOTE: 16% Maldivian GST applies to all services and extras paid for on board. Credit card payments are subject to a 3% surcharge.

Cash payments on board can only be accepted in USD. All USD banknotes must be in good condition, without damage, creases, tears, pen marks, stains or discolouration. We can not accept old versions of USD banknotes: $100 banknotes should have a blue security strip (issued after 2013); $20 and $50 banknotes should not be dated older than 2006.

7 nights:
10 nights:
Full equipment set*
245 USD
350 USD
Wetsuit (3mm shorty)
70 USD
100 USD
70 USD
100 USD
70 USD
100 USD
Fins (open-heel)
21 USD
30 USD
14 USD
20 USD
Mask & snorkel
14 USD
20 USD
Dive computer**
70 USD
100 USD
U/W torch
63 USD
90 USD
Reef Hook
13 USD
Extra 10L or 12L cylinder
28 USD
40 USD
15 Litre cylinder
77 USD
110 USD
3L pony cylinder
70 USD
100 USD

*Full equipment set includes wetsuit, BCD, regulators, mask, fins, boots and snorkel only. SMB, Weight belts and weights are provided free of charge.
** All divers are required to dive with a computer. ** All equipment must be pre-booked to ensure availability and correct sizes, etc. are on board.

PLEASE NOTE: All extras paid for on board are subject to 16% Maldivian GST

Nitrox (single cylinder) 7 nights
105 USD
Nitrox (single cylinder) 10 nights
150 USD
CCR cylinder set (7nights)
175 USD
CCR cylinder set (10 nights)
250 USD
Rebreathers – O2 fills (per litre)
0.12 USD
Sofnolime (20 kg tub)
400 USD

On-board pricing is liable to change without notice. Though we try to keep documentation as up-to-date as possible, please be aware that, although it is unlikely, prices may be different on your cruise.

PLEASE NOTE: All extras paid for on board are subject to 16% Maldivian GST

Beer (per serving)
from 4.50 USD
Spirits (per shot)
from 3.50 USD
Wine (per glass)
from 7.50 USD
Wine (per bottle)
from 30 USD
Sparkling wine (per bottle)
from 45 USD
from 9 USD
Mocktails (per serving)
from 7 USD
Sodas (Cola, Sprite, Fanta)
from 3 USD per can
Internet Data Packages
1 GB
10 USD
2 GB
15 USD
5 GB
20 USD

Alcohol prices may be subject to change without notice. While we endeavour to keep this information as up-to-date as possible, please be aware that availability and prices are dependent on specially licensed local suppliers and may be different on your cruise.

PLEASE NOTE: All extras paid for on board are subject to 16% Maldivian GST.

Diving Courses
SSI Enriched Air Nitrox
183 USD
SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver**
340 USD
SSI Deep Diving
225 USD
Other SSI Courses
Please enquire*

PLEASE NOTE: The course prices listed above include SSI online learning, training dives on board, and online certification.

** SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver is equivalent to PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

*A range of other speciality courses are available on request. Please enquire with our reservations team for more information, prices and to pre-book.

Courses are subject to availability and must be pre-booked to ensure an instructor is available.
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