Manta Alley in Komodo

Manta Alley is, for sure, one of the highlights on the Indo Siren’s Komodo itineraries. Manta lovers should make sure they don’t miss this dive site. And here we want to give you all the tips possible to ensure you are ready for this incredible experience.

Seeing a manta is always a special moment. Time seems to stop while you witness these majestic gentle giants glide effortlessly through the water. But what if you could be in the water in a relatively small area with 30 or 40 of them? Well, this is a relatively regular occurrence at Manta Alley in Komodo. It is an out of this world dive site located at the very south tip of Komodo Island.

The basics of Manta Alley in Komodo

So the basics first… Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Manta Alley is located in the southern part of the park. Because it is in the south, the dive site sits in the Savu Sea. This also means that the water tends to be colder than in the northern part of the park, which is in the Flores Sea. The average temperature on the dive site is between 22°C and 25°C (72°F – 77°F ). So layer up! 

Now, the dive site itself. Manta Alley is a partially submerged rocky outcrop gently sloping down to a sandy area at 20m+ on the south side, a rocky area on the north side, and a channel on the east side. The sandy bottom is a cleaning station, whereas the rocky side is where the mantas feed when the water is particularly rich in plankton.

Manta train at Manta alley in Komodo Indoensia
Manta train at Manta Alley in Komodo, Indonesia – credit: Beth Watson

A site that has it all

This is why we sometimes describe Manta Alley in Komodo as a 3 in 1 for mantas. It is at the same time a feeding area, a cleaning area and a… gym. ‘A gym for mantas’ you ask? Yes!

The channel on the east side is narrow (5m to 10m wide) and 20m long shallow channel. This is where the manta party really happens when the current is running. 

Sometimes up to 40 mantas play in the strong current, hovering motionless while awestruck divers hang on for dear life. Imagine 40+ mantas jostling for space in a relatively small area and you end up with mantas stacked up in several layers right next to you! The mantas just hang out in the current, unphased by divers watching them from the side of the channel and you will most likely run out of air or deco time before the show is over.

A chance to get close to manta rays
A chance to get close to manta rays – credit: Beth Watson

Currents aren’t really your thing?

No problem, when the current isn’t strong, or at slack tide, the show also happens at the current-free cleaning station where all the mantas are queuing up for a bit of TLC.

Do we need to add more? It only takes the manta stars to be aligned for a truly unforgettable experience. Join us on a 7 nights or 10 nights trip in Komodo and experience the magic.



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