Diving Indonesia with MARECO

Gerald Rambert Indo Siren Mareco

Master Liveaboards have partnered with MARECO (Marine Research and Conservation Foundation) across multiple destinations. But who are MARECO and what is special about their trips? Read on to find out more… Who are MARECO? The oceans are in peril – from climate change and overfishing to acidification and pollution – and need our help. MARECO […]

What happens in the tropics in summer?

Tropics in the summer in Philippines

Summertime (or winter, if you are in the southern hemisphere 🙂) is obviously a popular time of the year to go on holiday. But what really happens in the tropics in summer? We can guarantee that great diving experiences are waiting for you. Especially if you are a fan of either big pelagics, macro life […]

Photography Workshops – Gerald Rambert

Photography Workshops - Gerald Rambert

Master Liveaboards knows all about running photography workshops. They have been a fixture on our various vessel schedules since as far back as 2006. We have welcomed plenty of names over the year: Alex Mustard, Douglass Haffman, Saeed Rashid, and more. Gerald Rambert is one of our longest serving photographers, but who is Gerald? About […]

How to get to Indonesia?

How to get to Indonesia

You’ve booked on Indo Master. This is EXCITING. But now what? Now you obviously need to organise your travel to get to the boat. So how do you get to Indonesia to join Indo Master? It might look complicated, but it is not. Where is Indonesia? Indonesia is a country located in South-East Asia. It […]

Olive sea snakes in the Eastern Banda Sea

2 snakes entangled at Manoek Indonesia

Seeing a sea snake underwater is quite a sight. They are both relatively rare and majestic. On our Southern Forgotten Islands or Eastern Banda Sea itineraries you will visit dive sites such as Manuk and Gunung Api. These places are so pretty but what makes them extraordinary is the amount of Olive sea snakes you […]

Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragon in Indonesia

No visit of Komodo National Park in Indonesia is complete without a visit to see the most remarkable inhabitants of the park. That is of course Varanus komodoensis, better known as the ‘Komodo Dragons’. Komodo has a rich marine ecosystem. The area is at the convergence of strong currents flowing from both the Pacific and […]

Hot Rocks – Sangeang Volcano diving

sangeang volcano in Komodo Indonesia

Hot Rocks is a dive site located at Sangeang Island, north of Komodo National Park, Indonesia. This is one site not to miss. It’s not often you will get the chance to dive an active volcano. The Ring of Fire The Ring of Fire is a beautiful song by Johnny Cash, but it’s also a […]

Manta Alley in Komodo

Mantas at Manta Alley in Komodo

Manta Alley is, for sure, one of the highlights on the Indo Siren’s Komodo itineraries. Manta lovers should make sure they don’t miss this dive site. And here we want to give you all the tips possible to ensure you are ready for this incredible experience. Seeing a manta is always a special moment. Time […]

Diving Into The Coral Triangle

Diving the Coral Triangle in Indonesia

If I ask you, what are the lungs of the earth? You will say the Amazon, right? But have you ever wondered what the lungs of the seas are? Well, if we consider the coral reefs as the forests of the seas, then the Coral Triangle will be the lungs! This area of roughly 6 […]