Safety First – Your vessel safety features

Part II: Your Boat

For this second edition of Safety First series, we will have a deeper look into the vessel safety features we maintain. Ensuring the safety of our fleet and, more importantly, all individuals onboard is of the utmost importance to Master Liveaboards. To achieve this, our trained crew have access to an array of systems and equipment onboard.

We equip our vessels with all modern marine safety features and equipment. These enhance the operational safety of the vessels. We comply with all regulations, but also go above and beyond.

Vessel Safety Equipment

This much simplified list covers the safety equipment our vessels carry to ensure the safety of all onboard. While some of our equipment (such as fire extinguishers) is obviously mandated by regulatory bodies, not everything is. We do much to go over and above minimum safety standards (hull breach kits for example). But what exactly are we carrying?

Navigation and Communication Systems

While it may seem obvious, our vessels always know where they are. We can always reach them, and they can always reach us. This comes in the way of satellite communication, VHF – both fixed and handheld, compass, and depth sounders. And what about GPS navigation, chart plotters and charts, radar, and AIS (automatic identification system)

Vessel Safety Features are essential on the bridge
Navigational equipment on the bridge of Solomons Master

Fire Suppression and Detection Systems

Fire is always a concern on vessels at sea. Incidents, time and time again, show the ability to control a fire at sea are essential. To aid this, we carry fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), automated fire suppression systems (engine room), fire blankets, hoses & nozzles, pumps and hydrants, and various alarms and detectors.

Fire safety equipment is a must
Fire extinguisher in the lower corridor onboard The Phinisi

Life-Saving Equipment

In the worst of emergencies, leaving the boat is the only option. But the ocean is quite unforgiving to humans. So, we try to provide all the advantages we can in the event of an abandon ship order. Life jackets and life rafts, pyrotechnics, automated EPRIBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), SART (Search and Rescue Transponder), all serve to maximise everyone’s chances of rescue.

Medical Equipment

Of course, sometimes there are no problems with the boat at all. Sometimes, it’s just the human body that needs help. Diving and medical incidents and emergencies are a fact of life aboard any liveaboard that operates over a long period. This is why we carry first aid kits, automated external defibrillators (AED), and oxygen (O2) as a minimum.

Vessel safety equipment - medical emergencies
Portable O2 kit onboard Indo Siren

Other vessel safety equipment

Of course, this list is quite truncated. There is a host of other features whose only purpose is to aid survival in an emergency. These include emergency lighting and signage, emergency escapes and alternative evacuation routes. There are hull breach kits, SOPEP (Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan) kit, CCTV, and more.

Safety equipment includes the escape plan
The escape plan you will find on Bahamas Master

All Lifesaving equipment (LSA) is audited internally every 3 months at minimum. Critical systems are serviced and audited by external specialised companies (for example life rafts and fire suppression ssystems).

Hopefully this article goes some way to convincing you of our commitment to safety, especially when it comes to vessel safety features. But this is only a small part of our protocol. Keep your eyes open for other articles in this series detailing why we feel we are the safest liveaboard fleet on the ocean. Or contact us if you have any other queries



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