Scuba Diving New Year’s Resolutions And How To Keep Them

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year yet again where we all vow to improve ourselves and make a fresh start with the onset of a new year. Enjoy life to the fullest, lose weight, and spend more quality time with family and friends. As divers, we can already check all those boxes 😉 Diving by its very nature helps you to be more active, spend time with others, and enjoy everything this blue planet has to offer. 

As a scuba diver, in addition to those mentioned above, we can add other resolutions that give a deeper meaning to our scuba diving goals. 

Three scuba-related resolutions for you to consider this year.

Underwater photography course

1> Master new underwater skills
Scuba diving offers so many once in a lifetime experiences. Many of them require specific skills, such as deep dives, improved buoyancy or rescue emergency techniques. For the avid photographer or videographers in our midst, there are special courses for better capturing the best shots of the various underwater creatures. There is always something new to learn for us divers so why don’t you take a specialty course at home or during your next diving liveaboard holiday?

Diver diving with school of jacks

2> Set goals for yourself
Setting personal goals has actually been proven to improve the quality of your life and it helps to eliminate your stress levels. You may even live longer because of it! Have you ever noticed that people who set specific goals for themselves always seem much more active than those without. It actually helps them to lead a healthier lifestyle.
And New Year resolutions are indeed all about setting goals. Why not set a goal related to the number of dives you plan to do this year, to see a specific animal, or dive that destination that has always been on your scuba bucket list?
Booking yourself on a diving liveaboard trip not only increases your total number of dives, but also enables you to encounter that one sea creature you have always wanted to see; such as hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos or pygmy sea horses in Raja Ampat.

Beach Clean Up in the Maldives

3> Give back to the ocean
Marine conservation is something that should be on every scuba diver’s agenda. Scuba divers are advocates of the ocean. That’s why many of us feel the need to protect the ocean, and the truth is we do! There are so many ways by which you can help. Why not donate to a marine conservation charity, volunteer with a marine conservation NGO, buy a product that supports a great cause, organize/participate in a beach/dive clean-up, or try to reduce your plastic consumption?
Small contributions can help towards a big change.

How to keep your diving resolutions?

Making your list of resolutions is the easy part. Sticking to it is the real challenge! Here are a few suggestions:

1> Don’t make too many resolutions and consider choosing resolutions that can be combined . For example: Book a live aboard dive trip to Truk Lagoon, get a wreck diving special, dive a WWII wreck and increase your number of dives.

2> Try to make your goals realistic and achievable

We wish you all fantastic diving and we look forward to welcoming you aboard one of our boats very soon!


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