A Wrecked Christmas In Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon beach

How about some historical wreck diving and escaping the coldest time of the year in the northern hemisphere? Come aboard M/V Truk Master for Christmas in Truk Lagoon and enjoy one of the best wreck diving trips in the world. All this, while experiencing Christmas in an enjoyable tropical 30+ degrees Celsius (86°F).

Our ‘Christmas Buy One – Get One Free’ Special is the perfect occasion for you and a friend to find out together why Truk is the mecca for wreck diving! Your Christmas gift from Master Liveaboards!

How did so many Japanese war and cargo ships end up sunk in Truk Lagoon?

Well, you may remember Pearl Harbour: the notorious Japanese surprise strike in 1941 on the American naval base in Hawaii. Resulting in massive material damage and loss of thousands of military lives, this was a significant setback for the US and simultaneously the direct cause for this nation to enter the Second World War.

In turn, the US retaliated in by launching a short but devastating attack on the main Imperial Japanese combined fleet base in Truk in 1944: code-named Operation Hailstone.

In as little as two days, the US destroyed and/or sent to the bottom of the lagoon 250 Japanese warplanes and almost 70 ships.

Almost 75 years later, all wrecks have been conquered again; this time by beautiful corals and dazzling marine life. There is no other place on this planet where you will find so many awe inspiring wrecks together. Recreational and technical divers alike can visit these wrecks. Here is a little appetizer for you

For the techies:

San Francisco Maru

Tank on San Francisco Maru in Truk Lagoon

The most famous of the deep wrecks! This wreck will certainly make your Christmas in Truk Lagoon one to remember. Three army tanks are located on deck; trucks, aircraft engines and china in the second hold. There are hemispherical mines in the first hold. As well as this, there are torpedoes, bombs, hundreds of depth charges and even cordite containers.

She also has an impressive bow gun. The back holds are filled with ammunition, torpedoes and other cargo, and there are depth charges on the stern.



This destroyer is split into two pieces; the bow landed upside down, while the stern section sits upright.

Anti-aircraft guns, a main battery gun and depth charges are on the deck. Check out the torpedo launchers on the sand nearby, with torpedoes loaded inside.

Inside the bow section you can access crew sections and the galley. The two massive propellers that gave the ship a maximum speed of 37 knots are very impressive.

Hoki Maru

Trucks inside Hoki Maru in Truk Lagoon

Often lovingly called an underwater truck parking lot, the Hoki Maru carried trucks, tractors, a steamroller and a bulldozer that now balances precariously on the cross beams.

There are depth charges, spare propeller blades and aerial bombs on the wreck. The forward half of the ship was split and folded out by a huge explosion. Advanced penetration opportunities exist in the engine room and superstructure. The tip of the bow remains intact.

Recreational diving highlights for an unforgettable Christmas in Truk Lagoon:

Fujikawa Maru

Diving inside the Fujikawa maru in Truk Lagoon

This 132m (436ft) armed cargo ship sits perfectly upright on the sandy bottom, between 5 and 37 depth. The “Fuji” transported parts of Zero Fighter Aircraft including engine parts, propeller blades and fuel cells, visible in her holds.

Deeper inside the wreck, you will be able to discover Mitsubishi A5m Claude & A6M parts The bow gun is encrusted with corals and the outer wreck supports sea fans, soft corals & anemones.

Submarine I.169

Corals on the I169 submarine in Truk Lagoon

Quickly submerging during the attack to avoid damage, the submarine unfortunately failed to close her valves, allowing for water to enter and as she descended she came to rest on her port side at a depth of 42m (138ft).

Shinkoku Maru

Diving inside the Shinkoku Maru

The large oil tanker Shinkoku landed upright on the bottom after the attacks and is now decorated with corals, sponges & hydroids. Highlights include the telegraph room on the bridge, a spacious engine room and a galley that still features many utensils on the large stove. Small guns, mounted on bow and stern are also covered with corals making this one of the most colourful and spectacular wrecks to be found in Truk.

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Seasonal greetings from Master Liveaboards!



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