An unexpected encounter in the Galapagos

One of our guests had the surprise of his lifetime after an unexpected encounter in the Galapagos.

Just check out his video:

You can see orcas (or killer whales) too around the Galapagos Islands. Mainly around Isabela, Santa Cruz and Fernandina and at any time of the year.

But the most likely time to spot them is in late summer and fall. The killer whales come to the archipelago in hunting rides. You will often find them near by places where there are sea lions. They even have been seen hunting dolphins and even Bryde’s whales! Good news for those cute little Galapagos fur seals! Resident orca pods such as the Galapagos orcas tend to prefer fish! The transient pods prey more on marine mammals.

They travel in familiar groups or pods. Normally there a dominant male who is the leader of the pod. The male is accompanied by two to four females and a young Orca or two.

Orcas are very curious and might approach you. They just want to check you out before being on their way again!

Do not miss this once-in-a lifetime experience! You can also get your own unexpected encounter in the Galapagos.

The Galapagos Master is always quite full so do not miss your chance. Contact us to book your space and increase your chances to dive/snorkel with orcas!



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