Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

OK by Owen Beard on Unsplash

I’m sure you’ve been there before. You’re all set to go on vacation and the only thing left to do is buy insurance. But do you really need travel insurance? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? The truth is, if the last three years has taught us anything, a lot can go wrong […]

How to Book Cheaper Flights With a VPN

Book Cheaper Flights With A VPN

Have you ever wondered why the cost of a plane ticket can vary so much depending on where you’re searching? If so, you’re not alone! It turns out there are a few ways to get an edge on the competition and snag a great deal on airfare. One of those ways is to book cheaper […]

How often do scuba divers get left behind?

Diver at the surface left behind

Every year you hear the story of divers being left behind in the water. It always makes the news headlines and has even inspired Hollywood with blockbusters like “Open Water”. But in reality, how often do scuba divers get left behind? And what can you do to prevent it? Reasons There are several reasons as […]

Supporting Ukraine By Diving

Supporting Ukraine by diving

Michael booked a charter to Palau for his agency, based in Russia, in October of 2019. The trip was for a departure in 2020, but none of us could foresee just how much the world was about change. Read on for the story of how Master Liveaboards is doing its little bit supporting Ukraine The […]

What is coral?

Colorful soft and hard corals in the Mergui Archipelago

From a distance, it often looks like mossy rock or bone. Up close it appears to be covered in tiny flowers. So what is coral? Let’s look at it under a microscope Firstly, what you generally see as coral is not ‘a’ single individual. Rather it is a huge collection of corals. Each of those […]

Olive sea snakes in the Eastern Banda Sea

2 snakes entangled at Manoek Indonesia

Seeing a sea snake underwater is quite a sight. They are both relatively rare and majestic. On our Southern Forgotten Islands or Eastern Banda Sea itineraries you will visit dive sites such as Manuk and Gunung Api. These places are so pretty but what makes them extraordinary is the amount of Olive sea snakes you […]

All you need to know about The Philippines

Flag of the Philippines

You are contemplating a scuba diving liveaboard. The Philippines caught your eye, but you don’t really know much about the archipelago. Luckily for you, here is our “All you need to know about the Philippines” blog. Why is it called The Philippines? Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos, during his expedition in 1542, named the […]

Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragon in Indonesia

No visit of Komodo National Park in Indonesia is complete without a visit to see the most remarkable inhabitants of the park. That is of course Varanus komodoensis, better known as the ‘Komodo Dragons’. Komodo has a rich marine ecosystem. The area is at the convergence of strong currents flowing from both the Pacific and […]