Is Palau really a great diving destination?

Sharks are often seen at Blue Corner

The diversity of dive sites will wow divers, but is Palau really a great diving destination? well, it is certainly an all-in-one diving destination that has it all. Whether it is the strong currents at Blue Corner, the beautiful hard coral gardens of big drop-offs, the mysterious WWII wrecks, or the visually stunning cave of […]

The shy thresher shark

Visayas, Southern Leyte & Malapascua - Thresher Sharks

When you dive in Malapascua, you will get the chance to see the shy thresher shark. Sightings are almost on a daily basis which is extraordinary for this less-known and sheepish shark. There is no way you will not recognise it. This shark stands out! What a tail! The tail is what makes this particular […]

A little story behind The Junk

The Junk liveaboard - Thailand

We love our vessels and we value their history. In honour of her 60th birthday, we are re-visiting the story of The Junk. Every guest who has been lucky enough to spend time on board The Junk has a soft spot for this very special boat. In fact, there is a nearly an official fan […]

A Year of Master Liveaboards

Master Liveaboards Brand Pitch

Master Liveaboards, as we know it, is celebrating its first year of existence on the 17th February. But how did a company that started with a tiny little Indonesian boat get to where we are? Well, It’s been, shall we say, an interesting year. A year that we will not really be sad to leave […]

What is this fish?

Colourful fish, diving near Coron - Philippines

You surface from an amazing dive having seen a fish you’ve never seen before; what is this fish? Sod’s law, you didn’t have your camera with you and so the only record you have is your memory. You’re trying to describe it. But other than “fish-like” and “grey-silver coloured”, you just cannot find the right […]

10 interesting facts about The Bahamas

Flag of Bahamas

We are soon to restart our operations in The Bahamas. Before you go there though, why not brush up a little on this fabulous destination and learn 10 interesting facts about The Bahamas. There are a lot of islands There are over 700 islands in the Bahamas. All of them are either sand or limestone […]

What does it take to be a cruise director?

Cave diving in the Bahamas

So you have decided to make the big jump and are looking at turning your passion of scuba diving to an actual career. To help you along we’ve asked Isa, our HR manager, to give some tips. She has shared some of the essential skills we, as a liveaboard company, look for. So do you have […]

Discover Palau

Palau's Rock Islands

Palau is one of the lesser-known countries in the world. Ask your friends and see if they can point to it on a map…or even if they have heard of it. For us, it’s one of the best diving destinations in the world. So it’s time for you discover its secrets and surprising facts.  Small […]

SEA-son’s Greetings

SEA-son’s greetings from us to you! We wish you all the best for the festive period and hope that these seasonal underwater critters will help you celebrate in a true scuba diver style! Christmas Tree Worm There is no better embodiment of the SEA-son’s spirit than a Christmas tree worm. Christmas tree worms are part […]

A little story behind The Phinisi

The Phinisi as Maldives Siren

We love our vessels and we value their history. The Phinisi has a particular place in our heart and this is her extraordinary story. Plying the waters of Thailand and Myanmar, The Phinisi has been part of the Master Liveaboards fleet for quite some time. In fact much longer than most people know. The birth […]