Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands

Diving Bikini Atoll and Marshall Islands with a CCR

Bikini Atoll is in the Marshall Islands and is likely on the list of least visited places on earth. It’s certainly one of the least visited places that people have actually heard of. Luckily for you, Master Liveaboards now have 2 vessels operating there, for a while at least. This makes it easier for you […]

Best hairstyles for diving

Best hairstyles for diving

We know what you think…but no, this is no joke. Choosing the best hairstyles for diving is a very serious subject for anyone who scuba dives! There is NOTHING more annoying than having strands of hairs floating in front of your mask. Especially when it’s right at the time that whale shark shows up. Or […]

May The Fourth Be With You

May the fourth be with you

We are nerds. We probably need to get that out of the way early… divers are nerds. Just think how long you can speak about things like dive computers, decompression, underwater cameras. Close your eyes, take a breath, and embrace the nerdiness. And May the fourth be with you! The ultimate nerd arena is, as […]

Six Facts You Probably didn’t know about sea turtles

Sea turtles - six facts you probably didn't know

Apart from being loved by scuba divers and being photogenic, here are 6 facts you probably don’t know about sea turtles. 1. Sea turtles have been around for a very long time Sea turtles are very old beings. They have been living on Earth for more than 220 million years. They managed to survive weather […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Master Liveaboards

First of all let us wish you a happy Easter and we hope that your egg hunt will be fruitful! While we all tend to think about chocolatey egg shaped treats at this time of year, what better opportunity is there to talk about our underwater friends and their own particular eggy behaviour. As some […]

How to Photograph Pygmy Seahorses

Philippines liveaboard diving - Southern Visayas 6 nights

Here are a few tips how to best photograph pygmy seahorses. Pygmy seahorses are very charismatic and photogenic. But their tiny size makes them both challenging and delicate subjects. Camera The preferred setup for shooting pygmies with a DSLR is the 60mm or 100/105mm macro lens that can achieve 1:1 magnification. If you don’t add […]

Are Fishes Cleverer Than We Think?

Wrasse in a tunnel in the Solomons

Tool-oriented behaviour shows how an animal understands the relationship between  the method and the results as well as the purpose of an object. Until not so long ago, we thought it was a human trait, but fishes are proving to us that they are a lot more cleverer than we think. By tool use. we […]

How To Shop Plastic Free

Groceries aisle and shopping plastic free

Together with our aim to be a single use plastic free company by the end of 2019, we want to take it one step further and inform our guests on how to adopt a plastic free lifestyle to reduce our impact on our blue planet. This month’s article is dedicated to our shopping habits. We […]

Plastic Free Cleaning And Laundry Products

Plastic freedom in housekeeping

Cleaning products are full of chemicals that can make you sick. They often also come in plastic packaging. They are bad for you and for the environment. As we mentioned in our previous article on how to be plastic free in the kitchen, big companies’ marketing is there to make you believe you need a […]

How To Be Plastic Free – In The kitchen – 10 Great Tips!

10 great tips on how to be plastic free in the kitchen

The kitchen is a big plastic generator. From shopping plastic bags and food packaging to dish sponges and cleaning products. Once we are conscious about it, we can only make a few little adjustments to our shopping habits and we will make a huge difference for the environment!Together with our aim to be a single […]