Big Shark Pledge from the Shark Trust

Big Shark Pledge from the Shark Trust

It’s no secret that sharks are in trouble in our oceans. The Big Shark Pledge, the Shark Trust’s new campaign, aims to continue to raise awareness of the issue. The aim is also to build a community to help support policy actions in the coming years, and Master Liveaboards wants to share the message. But […]

The first LAMAVE trip

whale shark LAMAVE Gonzo

In March 2017, LAMAVE joined us on Philippine Siren for an exceptional first special shark trip. The aim was to retrieve and deploy acoustic monitoring stations they put down in June 2016. They then had to download the data for the first time. They wanted to see how tiger sharks and gray reef sharks use […]

What is coral?

Colorful soft and hard corals in the Mergui Archipelago

From a distance, it often looks like mossy rock or bone. Up close it appears to be covered in tiny flowers. So what is coral? Let’s look at it under a microscope Firstly, what you generally see as coral is not ‘a’ single individual. Rather it is a huge collection of corals. Each of those […]

Manta Trust joins The Junk in 2022

Diver and Manta in Thailand

We are really happy to welcome back a member of the Manta Trust for an amazing 10 night Manta Trust trip on The Junk. If you like mantas and other ray species, and care about their conservation, this trip has your name written all over it. And the best diving in Thailand goes hand in […]

The Blue Holes of The Bahamas

Blue Holes of the Bahamas sign

The Bahamas may be best known for high adrenalin shark diving, but there is much more to see in this Caribbean paradise! The perfect itinerary to discover Bahamian wonders are our 7 and 10 night Wrecks, Blue Holes and Sharks itineraries. As the name suggests, these itineraries have some exciting shark diving at Tiger Beach. […]

10 Interesting Facts about Galapagos

Galapagos, Bartolome Island

Everybody loves an interesting fact, especially when it’s about a place you are going to visit. Or indeed, have already visited. Last month we gave you some insight into Bikini Atoll and the Marshall Islands, one of the most unique places on earth. The Galapagos Islands, though, are competing in the unique stakes. As it’s […]

The Vampires of the Galapagos

The Vampires of the Galapagos

Do vampires exist? We’ve all seen the movies and read the books of course, but we are talking real life here. What about vampire bats, we hear you ask. While they live in Central and South America, they are not in the Galapagos. So what are we talking about? The terrifying ground vampire finch of […]

Where do hammerheads go when we’re not watching?

Where do hammerheads go?

A small swim for a hammerhead but a giant leap for marine research. For the first time ever, scientists have found out where hammerheads go. They have documented, in near real-time, details of the migration of a critically endangered pregnant scalloped hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini). The shark journeyed from the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador to […]

How to Photograph Pygmy Seahorses

Philippines liveaboard diving - Southern Visayas 6 nights

Here are a few tips how to best photograph pygmy seahorses. Pygmy seahorses are very charismatic and photogenic. But their tiny size makes them both challenging and delicate subjects. Camera The preferred setup for shooting pygmies with a DSLR is the 60mm or 100/105mm macro lens that can achieve 1:1 magnification. If you don’t add […]

Manta Trust And WWDAS

Manta Trust logo

Are you a manta lover or/and environmental conscious? Then you will love what Worldwide Dive and Sail and Manta Trust have prepared for you! Two incredible itineraries in Maldives’ North Atolls and in the Andaman Seas of Thailand that focus especially on manta rays’; notably their behaviour and how to preserve them.On both itineraries you […]