Frequently asked questions



Currently Myanmar borders are closed to tourism to minimise the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

Itineraries that include Myanmar embark and disembark from a port in Thailand, so you will need entry clearance for both countries. Passport holders of most western countries are eligible for a Thailand visa upon arrival which permits a single stay of up to 30 days in Thailand. However, upon re-entry to Thailand from Myanmar guests will only be issued with a 15 day permit to remain in Thailand. Therefore, please ensure your onward departure from Thailand is no longer than 15 days after disembarkation.


Guests who need to apply for a visa prior to travelling to Thailand, or who will be staying in Thailand for more than 15 days after their Myanmar trip must ensure that they obtain a MULTIPLE ENTRY visa from their nearest Royal Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate otherwise will not be allowed back in to Thailand.


Guests are not required to obtain a visa for Myanmar prior to boarding; our Cruise Director and local agent will make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. Please bring 2 x photocopies of your passport ID page and 2 x passport sized photographs as these are needed for the Myanmar visa application. Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the duration of your stay in Thailand.

No inoculations or vaccinations are required unless you are coming from or passing through contaminated areas. However, we strongly advise that you check with your nearest travel clinic for up to date information and recommendations.
Please make sure you use insect repellent and cover exposed skin to reduce the risk of Dengue Fever and other insect borne diseases.
If you are travelling with medication, please ensure to bring your physician’s prescription with you.

Guests joining Myanmar itineraries are strongly advised NOT to arrive in Phuket on the day of embarkation. Transfer time from Phuket to the Ranong Town for Thailand and Myanmar Immigration clearance prior to embarkation at 12:00 is between 5 - 5 ½ hrs. Please take this into consideration when arranging flights.

Please allow at least 2-3 hrs for international flight check-in and 1 ½-2hrs for domestic flights

Country Information

UTC+6:30 in Myanmar and UTC +7 in Thailand - your cruise departs and returns to a Thai port.

Although Myanmar has no official religion, nearly nine-tenths of the population is Buddhist. Burmese is the official language spoken by about two thirds of the population

The local currency is the Myanmar Kyat (MMT). However, since our trips start and end in Thailand, you will not need any lMMT - which is very hard to get hold of. During your cruise, you may stop on local islands, but they will happily take USD.

Coverage is very limited in Mynamar and patchy.

The climate is subtropical/tropical and has three seasons, a "cool winter from November to February, a hot summer season in March and April and a rainy season from May to October, dominated by the southwest monsoon. Water temperatures in the Similan Islands & Mergui Archipelago average around 28°C (80F), although sometimes you may experience thermoclines.

Healthcare in Myanmar is ranked among one of the the lowest in the world. Both public and private hospitals are understaffed due to a national shortage of doctors and nurses and lack many of the basic facilities and equipment. We would recommend evacuation to Thailand for any medical problems.

There is no air ambulance service and in case of diving accident, the vessel will need to return to Thailand before the patient can be transferred to a Thai recompression chamber in Phuket.

During Your Trip

The water temperature averages 28°C (80F) and most divers are comfortable with a 3mm wetsuit.

The vessel is on 220V and has power outlets typical to Thailand which will accommodate Type A, C, E & F plugs. Please bring adaptors as there are non available on board.

There is no free Wifi available on board. If our guests needs internet access, we suggest they buy a Thai sim card with data package upon arrival in Thailand.
However, once you leave port, you will be out of range for the duration of the trip. We have a satelitte phone for emergencies.

You can pay all your onboard extras by card or in cash (THB, USD, EUR & GBP).