Full moon spawning 7 nights

Requirements: PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent - minimum of 50 logged dives and experience in currents



7 nights


Skill level


Full moon spawning 7 nights


Clear Water
Crystal clear water
Abundant Marinelife
Abundant marine life
Great Visibility
Dive breath-taking drop-offs
Pristine Corals
Stunning reef systems
Stunning Topography
Tropical beaches

Our Special Full moon spawning itinerary on SY Palau Siren offers guests something truly extraordinary. Guests joining these cruises will have a chance to witness one of the most spectacular natural events on earth; the spawning aggregations of the red snapper (lutjanus bohar) at full moon lunar cycles.

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During full moon spawning, red snappers aggregate to show their own similar spawning spectacle full of energy and excitement. Not surprisingly, these events also attract the biggest predators in Palau such as oceanic blacktip sharks, grey reef sharks and very occasionally even a hammerhead. Watch how they hunt actively within the large school of spawning fish. It is something only a select few people ever get to witness and you can now be one of them.

In addition to these special spawning dives, you will have the opportunity to experience ‘Blackwater’ diving in Palau. Imagine rolling off the boat in the pitch black of night, sometimes many miles away from the shallow water of the reefs, to watch one of the largest migrations on earth as all manner of weird and wonderful creatures from the depths head closer to the surface to feed.

From post larval fish to Cephalopods, many smaller than your finger nail, these amazing dives present some of weirdest creatures you are ever likely to see without a submarine.

During the period of the cruise when the spawning occurs, your Cruise Director will give a number of presentations about these unique dives. These informative talks will cover everything from the ecology of these events to the best way to photograph them. For the diving, the group will be split into two teams of eight divers to witness these spectacular events, thereby maximising the experience and ensuring that we only observe, not interfere with, this spectacular behaviour.

Please note that these dives are only for the experienced diver as there can often be very strong currents at the sites where the action is happening.

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On a typical day we offer up to 4 day dives; 3 day dives and a fourth sunset or night dive. The diving day is scheduled as follows:

  • Light Breakfast followed by a briefing and Dive 1
  • Full Breakfast, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 2
  • Lunch, relaxation period, briefing and Dive 3
  • Snack relaxation period, briefing and Dive 4, where possible
  • Dinner
Detailed itinerary

*The itinerary above is an example only and is subject to change depending on local regulations, guests’ experience, flight schedules, weather and logistics and is at the Captain’s discretion. Adverse weather can affect the Full Moon Spawning special itinerary which includes several overnight sailings.



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Launched in April 2011, the 40m S/Y Palau Siren was built on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and is handcrafted from ironwood and teak (traditional to the area). You will find no other diving liveaboard as beautiful in Palau waters, and being built by divers for divers you can be rest assured that every need has been thought of and addressed.

Welcoming a maximum of 16 guests per week ensures that there is ample space to relax. The 8 cabins are doubles or twins and 2 cabins are flexible double/twin and offer individually controlled air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms with hot water.


Master Liveaboards offers a range of services to make your stay on board during this Full Moon Spawning itinerary even more enjoyable. Rental equipment, Marine Park & Port fees, and courses can now be pre-booked and pre-paid at the time of booking.

  • Taxes & Surcharges
  • On-board extras
  • Equipment
  • Nitrox, Rebreather & Cylinder
  • Diver Training
Taxes & Surcharges
Per person
Palau Island park fees and permits (7 nights)*
200 USD
Palau Island park fees and permits (10 nights)*
270 USD
Spawning itinerary fees (included in cruise price)
240 USD

* Palau Islands marine park and permit fees can be paid on board, or in advance with your cruise invoice.

Beer (draught, per glass)
Spirits (single shot)
Cocktails (per glass)
Wine (per bottle)
from 36 USD
Laundry (per item)
Massage (per hour)
45 USD
Reef safe sunscreen
15 USD
Palau Siren merchandise
Prices vary
Kayaking (subject to availability)

On-board pricing is subject to change without notice.

While we try to keep all information as up to date as possible please be aware that, although it is unlikely, prices may be different on your cruise.

7 nights
10 nights
Full equipment set*
180 USD
270 USD
72 USD
108 USD
72 USD
108 USD
30 USD
45 USD
30 USD
45 USD
30 USD
45 USD
Wetsuit (3mm shorty)
60 USD
90 USD
Dive Computer
36 USD
54 USD
UW Torch/ Flashlight
36 USD
54 USD
Reef Hook

*Full equipment set does not include dive computer or torch. If required these must be requested separately.

All equipment must be pre-booked to ensure availability and correct sizes, etc. are on board.

Purchase price
Reef hook
20 USD
Nitrox – 7 nights
100 USD
Nitrox – 10 nights
130 USD
Rebreather Supplies
Oxygen per litre
0.07 USD
Sofnolime – 20kg tub
300 USD
2L or 3 L CCR cylinder set
12 USD per diving day

On-board pricing is subject to change without notice. While we try to keep all information as up to date as possible, please be aware that, although it is unlikely, prices may be different on your cruise.

PADI Courses
PADI Advanced Open Water
400 USD
PADI Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)
225 USD
PADI Deep Diver Speciality
325 USD
Other PADI Specialities
Please enquire*

The course prices listed are inclusive of the required manual and PADI certification card (PIC).

*A range of other speciality courses are available, on request. Please contact our reservations team for more information, prices and to pre-book any course.

Courses are subject to availability and must be pre-booked to ensure an instructor is available.

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Customer Reviews

Some of the great things our customers have said about our liveaboard in Palau

World class diving from a floating hotel.
World class diving from a floating hotel.
Palau Siren, November 2019
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Spectacular diving with hundreds of fish species. Many large attractions (sharks, rays, turtles, etc). Very comfortable liveaboard with extraordinary food!
Palau Siren, May 2019
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The entire crew team, the service and the experience was great, they all do an amazing job in each of their areas and everything is well organized.
Great experience
Great experience
Palau Siren, March 2019
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They do an amazing job of making sure you are taken care of, and they are extremely knowledgeable about all of the different types of wildlife underwater . Great experience, I highly recommend.
Perfect trip
Perfect trip
Palau Siren, January 2019
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Perfect diving within Palau. Unfortunately only less diving in the Peleliu area. would be nice if diving would have been extended there. Also it would be good to make a standard of minimum 100 dives experience prior to the trip.
Trip of a life time
Trip of a life time
Palau Siren, Sept 2018
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Blown away by our experience on this liveaboard. The diving has been incredible but the way the Palau Siren is run and the staff on board has taken out trip to another level. If you want a trip in the hands of a professionally run liveaboard with first class customer service and incredible food this is the one. Thank you

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