Portofolio – Visayas has it all!

Guests portofolio: Daniel Lammin

At Master Liveaboards, we are lucky to have amazing guests… such as yourself. On top of being awesome, a lot of you share your beautiful images with us. This gave birth to this new series and in this edition, we are celebrating Daniel Lammin. Daniel joined us on Philippine Siren and sent us his amazing guest portfolio that celebrates the Visayas. The Visayas are a place that has it all and we hope you enjoy Daniel’s gallery as much as we do.

The Visayas

Right in the middle of the Coral Triangle, this region of the Philippines is famous for its superb macro critter dive sites, as well as being home to the Apo Island sanctuary. Seahorses, frogfish, a plethora of nudibranchs, and a wide range of odd-shaped benthic species are the norm for most dive sites. The big stuff is also here: you can see schools of jacks and barracudas at some locations. There are several areas of protected mangroves and much of the region is covered by multiple marine sanctuaries.

We offer several itineraries that visit the Visayas. These range from 6 to 10 nights and concentrate on different parts of this region. Most of the trips will operate in and out of Cebu, our home port.

The Visayas are great as there is no bad time to visit. We can pretty much operate all year-round there.

The gallery

As you can see, the Visayas has it all! And like Daniel, we look forward welcoming you onboard. Contact us to book your trip and get a chance to be featured in our next guest portofolio!



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