Photography Workshops – Gerald Rambert

Photography Workshops - Gerald Rambert

Master Liveaboards knows all about running photography workshops. They have been a fixture on our various vessel schedules since as far back as 2006. We have welcomed plenty of names over the year: Alex Mustard, Douglass Haffman, Saeed Rashid, and more. Gerald Rambert is one of our longest serving photographers, but who is Gerald? About […]

Photography Workshop – Douglas Hoffman

Photographer by Anke Rohrbach

Master Liveaboards knows a thing or two about running a photography workshop. We have been offering them with outstanding underwater photographers, pretty much from the day we started operating trips. As destinations open, we are bringing these trips back to life. But who are these photographers? Well, how about meeting Douglas Hoffman? About Douglas Douglas […]

How To Photograph Nudibranch

Komodo National Park - 7 nights liveaboard diving

The kaleidoscopic patterns of nudibranchs is the obvious reason why underwater photographers favour them. Shooting nudibranchs can be challenging. Even though they don’t move and don’t hide when we get closer to them, it can still be tricky. So here are some tricks on how to photograph a nudibranch. From us to you! How to […]

How To Photograph Manta Rays

Komodo National Park - 7 nights liveaboard diving

Have you ever wondered how to photograph manta rays? This is a question many people ask us on our boats, and we can fully understand why. There are few underwater images as iconic as the graceful manta ray captured in full flight with a picture-perfect blue background. Getting good images of mantas can often be […]

What is blackwater Diving?

What is blackwater diving?

Blackwater diving is not something that all divers know about. In fact, we had to be walked through it the first time that Unique Dive Expeditions in Palau brought it up as something we might be interested in. Even if you know what it is, you may still be wondering what all the fuss is […]

How to Photograph Pygmy Seahorses

Philippines liveaboard diving - Southern Visayas 6 nights

Here are a few tips how to best photograph pygmy seahorses. Pygmy seahorses are very charismatic and photogenic. But their tiny size makes them both challenging and delicate subjects. Camera The preferred setup for shooting pygmies with a DSLR is the 60mm or 100/105mm macro lens that can achieve 1:1 magnification. If you don’t add […]

Photograph Shipwrecks

Photographer on plane wreck in Palau

Man-made objects underwater make evocative subjects with which divers naturally connect. To photograph shipwrecks is a fascinating twist on “traditional” underwater photography. Almost every wreck has some amazing history, an interesting story, or some unsolved mystery attached to it. Moreover, wrecks make great artificial reefs and marine life is often abundant around them. Unsurprisingly many […]