The first LAMAVE trip

whale shark LAMAVE Gonzo

In March 2017, LAMAVE joined us on Philippine Siren for an exceptional first special shark trip. The aim was to retrieve and deploy acoustic monitoring stations they put down in June 2016. They then had to download the data for the first time. They wanted to see how tiger sharks and gray reef sharks use […]

Photography Workshop – Douglas Hoffman

Photographer by Anke Rohrbach

Master Liveaboards knows a thing or two about running a photography workshop. We have been offering them with outstanding underwater photographers, pretty much from the day we started operating trips. As destinations open, we are bringing these trips back to life. But who are these photographers? Well, how about meeting Douglas Hoffman? About Douglas Douglas […]

All you need to know about The Philippines

Flag of the Philippines

You are contemplating a scuba diving liveaboard. The Philippines caught your eye, but you don’t really know much about the archipelago. Luckily for you, here is our “All you need to know about the Philippines” blog. Why is it called The Philippines? Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos, during his expedition in 1542, named the […]

Which Philippines itinerary to choose?

Ranger Station in Tubbataha

The Philippines are well known for their underwater wonders. You can literally find anything there! From impressive coral gardens, colourful reefs, and a high biodiversity of macro critters, to the larger gentle giants such as manta and whale sharks. However, the country is huge and it can be hard to know which Philippines itinerary to […]

Diving Into The Coral Triangle

Diving the Coral Triangle in Indonesia

If I ask you, what are the lungs of the earth? You will say the Amazon, right? But have you ever wondered what the lungs of the seas are? Well, if we consider the coral reefs as the forests of the seas, then the Coral Triangle will be the lungs! This area of roughly 6 […]