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Master Liveaboards knows a thing or two about running a photography workshop. We have been offering them with outstanding underwater photographers, pretty much from the day we started operating trips. But who are these photographers? Gerald Rambert has been diving and running photography workshops with us for many years, and now he is back. But who is Gerald Rambert?

About Gerald

Gerald Rambert Photography Workshop

Gerald grew up on the island of Mauritius. After the French Lycee, he worked for four years in agricultural research and development before pursing his dream to dive. 

Always fascinated by fish and photography, he was an enthusiastic aquarium owner and free diver before training to become a scuba instructor in 2001. 

Selling up everything to pay for his exams, Gerald was soon combining his passion for diving with his first steps in underwater photography.

All the gear

Gerald bought his first Canon PowerShot A20 with its underwater casing, second hand, from a good friend, Mathieu Meur. Like many people who are taken with underwater photography, he quickly stepped up the ranges… PowerShot A70, PowerShot A95, then an external Inon flash. From the skills learned in the early days he has then moved up through a Nikon D70, Nikonos V, Nikon F100, D300, D300s, Canon 5dMK II, all in Seacam housings. Nowadays he shoots with a Sony alpha 7RII and is moving into the mirrorless era.

Skills for running Photography Workshops

Is Gerald qualified to run a photography workshop? You can decide. For starters, he has organised two Mauritian Underwater Photographic competitions, which were great successes. Also, he has shot front covers for dive magazines, along with writing articles for them. Gerald has also written for the in-flight magazine of Air Mauritius as well and taking a few underwater shots for their interactive screen menu. Maybe you have seen them?

Covers by Gerald
Covers by Gerald

More than this, Gerald has taken part in many underwater photography competitions and won several of them. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, he was the Mauritian national champion. He also represented the island for the CMAS world championship in 2007 and won a silver medal for the macro category.

Nowadays He runs his diving school Sundivers ltd, on the west part of the island, at La Pirogue hotel in Flic en Flac . He also leads underwater photography workshops once or twice a year with Master Liveaboards around the world.

Gerald’s Photography Workshops

The photography workshop breaks down into three main areas:

The first section deals with the general theory of underwater photography. This section will cover the theory of light, correct equipment, exposure techniques, flash positions, composition, and more. Hopefully, this will allow you to build better underwater images. The duration will be between two hours and four and a half hours, complete with hands on interaction and q & a’s.

Underwater Photography in Raja Ampat
Manta Ray in Raja Ampat. Photo Gerald Rambert
Macro image in Raja Ampat
Macro in Raja Ampat. Photo: Gerald Rambert

Section two covers the dark room workflow. This will cover the major and minor aspects of editing within Lightroom and Photoshop, allowing you to improve imagery further. Gerald will review with you your best photographs of the day in RAW and high resolution. Together with lessons learned in section one, you should really start to see images improving.

Photography Workshop
Photography Workshop. Photo: Gerald Rambert
Underwater Photography Workshop
Photography Workshop. Photo: Gerald Rambert

The third section is the nitty gritty. Taking what you have learned underwater. There will be advise on best practices and techniques in the water as well as debriefings on your performance after dives. You will also get to see how Gerald takes his images underwater.

Joining Gerald on a Photography Workshop

Gerald will be joining us on the Indo Siren 6 September 2023 departure. This 12 night Southern Forgotten Islands cruise is the perfect opportunity to learn many aspects of underwater photography, with large pelagics, reefscapes, and macro life all in plentiful supply.


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