Truk Lagoon is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between the Philippines and Hawaii. Book your ticket to Chuuk International Airport (TKK) on Weno Island.

All flights to Chuuk International Airport (TKK) require transit via Guam, United States. Getting to Guam is possible via:

• Manila
• Hong Kong
• Tokyo
• Incheon, Korea.

In Guam, board the direct flight to Chuuk, which is then only a 90 minutes’ flight with United Airlines.

As Guam is United States’ territory, you will need to obtain an online ESTA permit prior to travel via

From Truk Lagoon, it is not far to reach the Philippines or Palau, so while you are in the area, you could consider combining your diving holiday in Truk Lagoon with one of our amazing liveaboards in Palau or the Philippines!

More info on your next Truk Lagoon liveaboard diving trip!


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