Enter inside the San Francisco Maru Wreck


The more you know about each Truk wreck, the more you will get out of your dives on board the Truk Master Liveaboard…. Today, the San Francisco Maru wreck.

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The San Francisco wreck is another must of Truk! It is 117 m (385ft) long and lies on the seabed at 60 meters.

Known as the million dollar wreck, the ship’s holds contains hundreds of mines, bombs, ammunition and torpedoes as well as trucks and tanks! All of this was brought to Truk by the Japanese in anticipation of expected amphibious landings by U.S. troops. However, in 1944 the ship received the impact of six 500 lbs. bomb dropped by a plane from the Essex whilst it was anchored at Eten. The San Francisco Maru burned fiercely and later sank.

A dive on the San Francisco Maru is definitely a deep dive. She rests at 60 meters, the deck is at 53 m (165 ft.) with the shallower parts around 48 m (140 ft.). On the first descent, just on the main deck, you will discover 3 light tanks and a flatbed truck. The first two holds are filled with interesting war material such as mines and aircraft bombs, as well as fuel drums, artillery shells, airplane engines and torpedoes. If you only dive this wreck on your cruise, the trip to Truk is worth it!

For more information about diving the San Francisco Maru, and other shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon, please contact us.

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